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Manic Monday, Part 2, Free People

I really wish Dee would learn to go out and have some fun.....

Last Sun-dee I wrote about meeting my GG friend Michelle for lunch and then heading to Nordstrom for some retail therapy.  After Nordstrom, we headed to a Free People outlet. Michelle likes Free People, as it definitely fits her style. I had never been in the store, although I knew of the brand as they have it at Nordstrom. The style is more casual than I’m used to, and probably somewhere between Bohemian and Hippie.

Michelle went immediately to the sales rack and started pulling things to try on. As it’s not really my look, I only pulled a few things to try on. As with Nordstrom, we went to adjacent dressing rooms; try something on, pop out, take pictures, swap items, and try something else on. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s fun to try on something that someone who is freakin’ gorgeous has just tried on. It’s also fun to have a shopping partner who is enjoying it as much as you are.

I’m not sure I would ever feel confident enough to wear a crop top–and I originally thought the pink crop top were shorts–but they don’t look too bad. The black pants, with the mesh and the slits at the bottom, were definitely funky. I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to wear an outfit like some of these. It would have to be the right combination of the right place to go and to be with someone as open and supportive as Michelle.

When I try something on, and I like it, but not sure whether I should buy it, I’ll often text Renee asking her opinion. I will generally add that I like it but I’m not sure where I wear something like the crop top or the overall shorts. Renee answers “buy them and then figure out a place to wear them….”. I guess I need to get more creative in my outings.

Michelle was in her element. She loves posing and she was having fun and it shows in the pictures. She lights up the camera (or phone, in this case).

I ended up buying the overall shorts and orange and black crop top for Michelle. She looked so cute in it, and after all the clothes she has gifted to me, I thought I owed her. I texted the picture of us to my GG friend Renee, and as is her wont, she replied with a one word answer. It’s probably my favorite picture from the day, as I love it too.

One thing I didn’t try on was the overall shorts. I didn’t think about it at the time–nor did Michelle. However, a few days later we got together again, and I did get to try them on–and wear them to St. Louis Pride. That story will be a future Sun-Dee, so stay tuned.
We had so much fun. Hope to do it again soon.


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  1. Thanks all!

    It was fun. Michelle and I have about one day a year to have some joint retail therapy. As I wrote, she enjoys it as much as I do (and I enjoy trying on a lot of the same stuff).

    As to the keep ’em coming, I try to get out as often as I can, and then record it for posterity (one blog I read often used the term “document the atrocities”).

    I’m not as active as our host Kandi, but I’m not exactly a hermit either!

    Stay tuned for future outings.

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