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Dee down under!

I began my two month stay down under about three weeks ago (24 hours later than I hoped, because of some well hidden Australian government requirements I was unaware of, which I will write about eventually), but finally got my first chance out a couple of Thursdays ago. Got dressed, hopped on a train, and headed for my favorite destination, a Dangerfield store in downtown Melbourne.

When I was last in Australia (January to March, 2020), I wrote of my encounters with a number of the staff the store; Delyse, Amelia, and Lily, to namedrop three. Unfortunately, none of the staff from two years ago were still there (not surprisingly) but disappointing anyway. But as always, the new (to me) staff were fabulous, as always.

My outfit was an orange dress I bought at the store back in 2020. Before buying that dress, I was mostly reluctant to buy spaghetti strap dresses like it. But I liked the color and look and have wore it several times since (I wrote recently about my new love for summer looks). Although the calendar says summer here, it was cool enough that I also wore a cardigan (sweater), which I also bought also at the store in 2020.

Besides finding out what new items they had (the store stocks four different in house brands, Princess Highway, Dangerfield, Black Friday, and Revival), I brought along a green and black croptop I bought last August. I’ve been looking for something (or things) to wear with it. 

I picked out a few things that caught my eye, including a red and black checkered romper, but I have found the simplest thing to do is ask. Sales assistant Kendra was very helpful and friendly and brought me multiple choices. Kendra found the black skater skirt and the black pinafore dress, and the red and black checkered top. She was afraid she would overwhelm me, but when it comes to trying on cute clothes, that’s simply not possible. I liked all the looks.

The process I follow is to try things on in the changing room, walk out, and get the opinions of the staff. Kira, the store manager, was also super to me. They also graced me with selfies, and I told them they would appear in one of my posts at some point (Kira is flashing the peace sign).

I often try on things multiple times before buying something, mentally weighing the pros (“I really like this and want this”) and the cons (“do I really need more clothes and where will I wear this?”), but this time I made a quick decision. I bought the checkered top, the checkered romper, the skater skirt, and the black pinafore dress. The next day I had a brief photoshoot with my new stuff, plus a Princess Highway dress I found at a thrift. 

Hope to get out again, wearing my new stuff.

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