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Crocker Park Wine Festival

Just me being me!

Prequel: On September 13, 2022 I worked and finished my day a little early. When that happens, I try and stay near for a little while in case something comes up at the last minute so I headed to the mall. I only intended to walk around for about half an hour. I checked into a number of favorite spots, simply looking for a bargain too good to resist. I did not see one, so on a whim I walked into Victoria’s Secret. I chatted with a few of the SAs and took a look Bombshell bras. I have always wanted one, but they are a bit pricey for me.

I left and went to one more store, but could not get the beautiful royal blue and black lace trimmed bra out of my mind. So I headed back (remember, I am in grubby male mode), told the one SA I changed my mind. I asked for a bra fitting and to try it on. No problem with either. I had her check everything for fit and a purchase was made. I asked if I could wear it home, so after I purchased it she gave me a fitting room and I put on my new bra! It is extremely comfortable. I am now wearing a bra 24/7 on many days and am enjoying the “normalization” of doing so. I strolled out of the mall, clearly with breasts, nothing else female on me at the time. No issues.

September 16, 2022 I took the new Bombshell out for a spin and continued my recent trend of “just being me”. I was just me at VS. On this day, I had intended to wear a wig all along, but when I removed the hair claw I was wearing while doing my makeup, my hair fell just right. I primped it a bit and went with my natural hair.

I worked this wine festival last year and really enjoyed myself, so I did it again. I simply had a great time during my shift. I was pouring for the same distributor, who remembered me fondly.

I got quite a few compliments on my blouse and my necklace and simply had fun and fulfilled my requirement of sampling the wines so as to give educated answers to questions, like I have any idea what I am talking about!

Here is my co-pourer (he did reds, I did whites), Mike. Did not know him coming in, made a friend going out. This picture was taken after we knew each other for about half an hour, as per usual, no issue.

Before I reported for my shift I poked around at a few stores. Soft Surroundings was undergoing a store closing sale. I saw a lovely yellow floral maxi dress, but didn’t try it on as I didn’t have the time.

After my shift, I went back and tried it on. I melted. That dress, way over my usual budget requirements, will be worn soon and she is all mine! Two spur of the moment purchases. Got to watch those!


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  1. I love it how comfortable you are becoming in just being you. It’s freeing for sure as I’ve discovered at my job where I’m just being me.
    I never look fully en fem but I am fluid.
    I know many don’t care for the fluid look but it works for me as does the things you are discovering about your own look.
    Lovely blouse my dear as well
    One day at a time Kandi

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