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Just One Experience After Another

If just one of these things happened in a day, you would be thrilled! But they kept coming, all evening long!

Sherry acquired some “free” tickets to see a Frank Sinatra tribute. Yes, the tickets were free, the whole evening cost quite a bit. But boy, was it worth it!

February 4, 2022, Snowmageddon continued to pummel us.

After getting some things done and shoveling the driveway for the millionth time, I was reconsidering going out. If it wasn’t Sherry and if she wasn’t driving, I would have stayed home.

So I finally got out the door, met Sher and we started at Happy Hour at Platform Brewery. The bartender there was so sweet and kind to us. Yes, of course, that is her job and she would always work for a tip, but she was very sincere. A tremendous experience!

Then our girl took a side street and we almost did not get out of there. Literally out of nowhere, a gentleman showed up walking down the street and pushed us girls until we were able to gain traction. A little scary, but an awesome experience!

Then we arrived at The Music Box Supper Club and sat down for dinner. “Frank” was wonderful! Sher and I had a few cocktails and dinner and quite enjoyed the show. The waitress (she knew how to get a big tip) always referred to us as ladies and was very sweet. A number of other patrons were so kind to us both. A fantastic experience!

We stood up to leave and all of sudden many of the people that were seated around us, with whom we had little interaction, invited us to go out! Of course we did!

So we spent a few hours talking with many of the ladies that invited us out, it was so nice. One of the husbands danced with me a bit, which was also amazingly sweet. We all swapped phone numbers and hope to go out again soon! A splendid experience!

But wait, there’s more! I am standing there getting ready to leave, when a wonderful woman came up to me and complimented me on my outfit, how well it was put together and proceeded to tell me how much she admired me for being me and how beautiful I was (she probably needed glasses….). We hugged quite a bit, it brought tears of joy to my eye. It was surreal and yes, just one more experience in an evening full of them. Experiences of love and support from many, many different people, all because Sherry and I are who we are and are out there being VISIBLE!!

If you don’t believe me, just ask Sherry!


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  1. What a wonderful evening! It is very nice to hear this as I have read many stories of confrontation and non-acceptance.

  2. Kandi is correct, what a fabulous evening! The weather wasn’t the best but we made it through the lake effect snow showers to have one of the best nights I’ve ever experienced. I know some of us have had negative experiences while dressed but fortunately I have not! It’s amazing how it “just happened”, the ladies around us just swooped us up and invited us to join them for a drink at a nearby bar. The one woman got all our numbers and invited us for another evening that will hopefully happen soon! Thanks Kandi, always a fabulous time with you ❤️

  3. I enjoy reading the stories of how you interact with others and how you are treated because you are being yourself, being appropriate and just generally having a good time. I arrived back in Ontario from Florida on Feb. 4. Definitely a change. Have fun.
    Take care

  4. Just amazing how being out and just being who you are can bring about such acceptance
    I’ve actually been feeling much the same at my job lately.
    Now I don’t work totally en fem but most defiantly fluid and it’s very obvious that I am a bit different
    But you know it works well for me.

    Kandi, Sherry you both look so wonderful and those fantastic smiles
    Hugs Rach

  5. You both looked great, even in the middle of winter and heavy snow. It’s simply wonderful to see such beautiful interactions just by being who you are, smart, appropriate, confident, and visible.

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