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The Best Laid Plans…..

The best laid plans of mice and men....

Doesn’t she look happy? On a rainy February 2, 2022, prior to Snowmageddon, I had a whole day planned. Get out early, poke around somewhere, work a shift at the art museum and then Happy Hour with a friend. I should have known the day wouldn’t go my way when I finally figured out my friend, who originally suggested Happy Hour, was texting about our lunch. Long story short, no Happy Hour. No problem, a girl day, a good day.

I get ready and get out the door and off to the art museum! I make one stop at the liquor store and then proceed to “work”. I am about three miles from the museum (typically a 45 minute drive for me), the phone then ruins my day. The truck is leaking coolant (after having it in the shop one month ago for a good going over for any potential problems). F*ck!

Turn around. Call the museum to tell them I will not be there. Call my associate to lay out a game plan. Call the shop to let them know we’ll be bringing the truck in. Call for a rental. Call our “boss” (the person who pays me, more of a business partner in a practical sense). Let everyone know I am an hour plus from home (allowing for me to get cleaned up). I am driving during every one of these myriad calls. Get home. Find out the rental place needs insurance information (the prior information had lapsed). Call my agent. Take a quick shower and put on some more “appropriate” clothing. Drive to the rental place. Pick up my associate. Drive the truck to make our scheduled pick up. Deliver our freight. Nothing is late for our client, despite the logistical maze I just negotiated. Get driven home.

The water pump went on us. My planned day was in tatters, but I took care of business. While I would have preferred not to have the added expense, it is not crushing. The two Manhattans made possible by that liquor store stop, were pure bliss!

Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but we get what we need (thanks Stones!). If this happened the following day, during Snowmageddon, it would have been a logistical and safety nightmare! Well, only the woman in the liquor store saw my great outfit, so we’ll take her back out soon for others to see. Almost two hours of prep, an hour and a half of driving, all for the pictures you see above. Oh well…….

PS Lest you think I live a life of lollipops and rainbows, we get the rental truck. The next day a whole bunch of warning lights are on. So I spend a bunch of time Monday in the shop getting that fixed (remember, it’s not my truck, it’s a rental and I have obligations to take care of).

The water pump, which was supposed to be overnighted, still hasn’t been delivered a week later. Every extra day I hemorrhage cash.

After getting the rental issue behind me, the very next day, the rear door (much like a garage door) won’t close, the spring went. Back to the shop, more cash draining away.

What looked like a minor issue and a day or so is dragging into it’s second week. Life……


Oops, I did it again!


6 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    What a beautiful girl on “The PrettyT Girl Magazine” – Miss February 2022

    You do us proud, only if we could look half that good……


  2. I love your positivity through it all, Kandi, taking life in stride. To some of us it might seem like living a fem life would be a bed of roses and we envy you. But what you described here is the realities of life. I guess it’s only as tough as we let it be! In spite of everything you still got the load delivered on time. I am glad you got something good out of it, the Manhattans. Thanks for being such a special and relatable friend!

  3. The outfit is perfect, nice and casual which I so love
    Yes life does happen for sure and I’ve found a way to still blend my girl into many daily activities because I’m more fluid and it’s amazing how many gender neutral clothes you can buy
    I’m sure all will be better soon
    Hugs Rachael

    1. The trick is done. The rental returned. It’s only a matter of time before the next issue. That is not being negative, it’s known from experience. That truck, though, makes Kandi possible.

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