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Rules of the Road – Be Visible! Video Edition

We wrap up the Rules of the Road video seminar!

The finale of our Rules of The Road seminar! Enjoy!!

And here is what I believe to be one of my better selfie photo shoots!

If you are in New York, come and see me!!


12 Responses

  1. I love the video as much as I love the outfit. Seeing that snow outside brings back memories of my time in the USA in the 90’s

    Faye x

  2. You have addressed the fallacy of ‘passing’ head on. I think this needs to be required viewing for anyone who crossdresses! I know it made a BIG difference in how I look at myself and interact with my environment. I see BIG things coming out of this.

  3. I’ve not watched the video yet but yes I’ve followed you enough to know that we are who we are
    I don’t pass I do my best to blend

    And oh my what a cute outfit, you look so pretty and you seem to get better every day my dear

  4. I love how visible you are and have enjoyed your rules of the road documentaries very much. I wish I was a better commentator. Every post from any contributor is an inspiration to me, as well as all the insightful commentary. I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed anything that’s been posted since I was first directed to your site by one of your contributors whom I will always be so grateful to!

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