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A typical day in the life of your girl!

Before we get into today’s post, a little blog maintenance. A few friends of the blog have recently been blocked by the spam filter. I have unblocked everyone that was affected. If you do get blocked, please reach out to me directly (see “Contact” page) and I’ll take care of it. Blocks are a part of the very necessary spam filtering process. You can imagine the things that I see behind the scenes that never make public viewing on the blog: porn, phishing, Russian and Chinese comments, etc. Now that I am aware of this, I will be more diligent in unblocking friends.

I have committed to improv class, Improv for Film and Commercials, for eight weeks. January 19, 2023, my second class. So far, I have been making entire days of a class that doesn’t start until 7:30PM. You have by now read about the first class, my “Me” day. I have become rather fond of me, so we did it again.

I played early (4:50AM alarm, 5:50AM start) pickleball and afterward got my workout in (pickleball is an activity, not exercise, at least for me). Then I cleaned up a few days of Kandi neglect, i.e. there was a lot of shaving to be done! I packed up my work for the day and headed out the door at about 11:00AM. My outfit choice had to allow for me to easily try things on, even though I didn’t end up doing so. Cute button down blouse, skirt, opaque grey tights, a great business-like look if I say so myself!

First stop, actually first and second stops, Common Threads, a favorite thrift store (two locations). I casually browsed both locations, picking up three outstanding pieces at the second store. I got a great sweater/jacket, long length, will look fabulous with a blouse/skirt combo! I also picked up two outstanding blazers, both paired with a black skirt, will make for a great skirt suit combo. $10.20 all-in. I have noticed an appreciable increase in prices at thrifts, which has dampened my appetite for “new” (to me) items, but has focused me on special pieces for the wardrobe.

I then hit a Panera Bread and did some work, work. Checking and returning emails. I also tightened up my stand up routine, now having had it crystalize in my head on a recent run, when I usually think much more freely.

Next another thrift (nothing) and then I hunkered down at the bar/restaurant right outside my acting school for Happy Hour, margaritas and apps. I also had a scheduled Zoom call, which I took care of at the bar.

The Zoom call went WAY too long, for matters of productivity, for purposes of my attention span. I then walked out the door to be greeted by a sheeting rain and a thunder storm (remember it’s January in Cleveland….thunder storm?).

Improv class was challenging and wonderful! We watched on TV some things we did the week prior. Then we did some serious improv, which I very much prefer. I usually end up being a cranky old lady and I play that part well. I also had an improv partner for a particular exercise and we chatted a bit. We both started acting on about the same time frame and she’s been able to do so much more than I have. I explained to her the fact that I get much less work than I should have because I am trans (this has become very clear to me) and she told me that I was beautiful. That is by no means true, but is makes me very proud. And yes, being who I am has hindered my acting opportunities, but in the same vein, I would never have put myself out there as myself.

A very long day: 4:30AM alarm, head on the pillow at 11:00PM, followed by a 5:00AM alarm and seven hours on the road to Michigan for a sales call. Whew……..


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  1. Wow girl you are a working girl and it does sound as if you are enjoying it.
    Well now finding that in some circles trans girls do get left out Humm, well that doesn’t seem right but you will find your way.
    Love the outfit my dear

    1. My plate is pretty full, so I am not complaining. But pointing out a reality.

      Like everyone, I have my challenges in life, but I am determined to strive for happiness always!

      Thanks Rach!!

  2. Well Kandi … I’d quite happily swap for a thunderstorm right now. It’s mid-summer here of course where the word is usually drought. Instead, the city of more than a million is under a State of Emergency with at least four dead (a few more than the Memphis police killed, the only news in the world at the moment it seems), hundreds of uninhabitable houses, thousands displaced, businesses destroyed, 100s of cars flooded or abandoned, landslides, roads collapsing, a bridge or two washed away. Hell, it was like watching monsoon floods in some third world country, of the aftermath of a hurricane in New Orleans, not my home city. The main rainfall was last Friday and many parts of the city received 400mm in a week. Auckland international airport had 245mm in 24 hours and was flooded and closed for a couple of days. Those are unprecedented numbers here and records by some margin. People were rescued from second stories, boats were needed, and in one of the best bits of film, a bus is seen fording a flooded road with water up around the passenger’s calf level. We drove home from a cancelled concert and a trip that normally takes 50 mins took 4.5 hours. Some roads were impassable. We saw sights we never thought we would see in our lifetimes.
    We volunteered to help local businesses with their cleanup the next day. The power of a metre of water through a warehouse, especially when the doors blow out with the pressure, is incredible. There was so much damage.
    Other parts of the country have also been smashed as well.
    Apparently, it is the biggest natural disaster in the country ever that isn’t an earthquake.
    On the positive side, we don’t have to dodge alligators or snakes over here!
    And the rain continues to fall outside my window as I write.
    People just get on with it here, although I think the holiday weekend we are starting may be a bit subdued.
    We had the remnants of a cyclone a few weeks ago, and now this. I want summer back!
    Quite an interesting few months it has been, with the freezing temps you girls had earlier and lots of water, and wind, here …

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