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The Thrill

An introspective look at an amazing day!

The thrill of a well-assembled outfit. The acceptance I find, time and again, in public. The admiration I receive from many who are intrigued by me. The powerful feeling I get from being simply awesome in the public eye. Just being out, interacting with others, no one paying me any negative attention, how do I do what I do? Not sure (or a word I love to use “fuckedifiknow”).

Walking downstairs and bidding my wonderful wife adieu, having her compliment me on my look. Putting on the “crowing glory” (Marie, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION, that was in your honor), the whole look I imagined as I selected the outfit and then seeing it is amazing! Deciding that the centerpiece of this outfit would be the sweater (or jacket, I’m not exactly sure what to call it) and then playing the skirt against it, the white blouse, purposely selecting a white bra (I like how it shows through the blouse), knowing the choker necklace was PERFECT for the look, then scaling back the other accessories, selecting the proper lipstick color, going a bit dramatic with my contouring, wearing the hose instead of being barelegged, deciding on my hair selection, loving how the blue purse was a key accessory, choosing the blue wedges over my grey boots. The hug from yet another server at yet another (although frequented bar) who was taken with me. Liz (different Liz), you are awesome!

As you can see above, I attended the Greater Cleveland Film Commission Spring Mixer, April 27, 2023. Looking and more importantly, feeling wonderful, I stretched the day. First stop, the bank, followed by the gas station and then Common Threads. It was Thursday, 50% off apparel day! There I picked up two blazers, two dresses and a sweater, like I needed anything…..

After that a brief stop at Value World to peruse the $0.99 rack. The recent top I wore with the yellow skirt was picked up there a few weeks back. Nothing caught my eye. Then I had to do some shopping for the household at Walmart, restocking our second refrigerator and picking up some necessary supplements, cosmetics and toiletries. Then I hunkered down at the bar, did some blogging and e-mailing as well as collecting that hug and off I went the mixer.

The mixer was fun and I made what I believe to be two solid connections, one for my apparel and one for a potential movie role. Only time will tell.

So this woman was out in all types of circumstances, many different places and she got nothing but either overt acceptance or implied acceptance as I was simply seen as a well dressed woman. I look back at my evolution and just see this beautiful woman when I look in the mirror, even when I am not. The significant removal of hair, not simply shaving it but removing it, has made my look and feel much softer. And my makeup skills and fashion sense have been sharpened and honed by so much practice.

I am a woman and I am proud of myself!

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6 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    Oh what a question , ” How do I do what I do ?” No I won’t quote your answer ! but seriously where does it come from ?

    Perhaps we should stand back and consider some women are better than others with their presentation , some naturally can do it , some need assistance and some don’t give a **** . Now I’ve put myself in those shoes I find it comes quite naturally , not only with the combinations but also knowing what is appropriate . I totally agree it usually works round a key item but then the art is making full use of that and learning how to dress it up or down . How many times have we bought an item and it remains firmly unworn in the closet and then suddenly a new item brings the unworn item to life , it also begs the question of how many of us are guilty of totally forgetting certain purchases ?

    I know I’ve mentioned before that I no longer look for compliments but they can come by the backdoor , by that I mean for example when waiting in line the cashier or whoever might say , ” that lady is next in line ” .

    Is it still a thrill ? On occasions of course it is , like many woman dressing for a special day or night out is exciting . If I’m going to join a new group of people I want to make the right impression . To turn the question round how awful do I feel if I have to do male mode ? Thankfully I mangage to escape it so it’s usually only twice a year .

  2. Kandi Girl,

    This is Marie Anne Greene, If your comment about :”Crowning Glory” thank you for the reference was aimed at me,,Thank You very much and yes I read your blog evey day and will “Click through” more often per your request.
    Happy to see you are really enjoying being a GIRL-WOMAN.
    Marie Anne

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