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Herding Cats

Fun? Absolutely! But it continues to be frustrating herding the cats.

See that table for three? That was supposed to be seven. You all know Sabrina and Sherry. This day, this specific date, April 28, 2023, this specific place, was supposed to be when I finally met someone with whom I have corresponded back and forth for quite some time. Someone in the area. Someone who sees me in action all over the place, but never says hello (because he is in male mode at the time) and then e-mails telling me I looked nice at such-and-such a place.

This was an evening I set aside for this meeting, turning down a business trip I would have liked to have taken. About three hours before our reservation, I basically received four cancelations. Since I was dressed and headed out the door, I modified plans and had a delightful evening with my friends anyway. Cancellations were all for good reasons, I certainly understood them. But, I cannot tell how often I have arranged an outing with those in our community, only to get stiffed for one reason or another. I’m done doing that. That is why I usually prefer solo flights because it’s just me I am depending upon. When will I learn?

There is not much more to the story. I went a bit early and walked the local mall. I simply love walking in public spaces, casually browsing and looking, just being me. Then I hit Happy Hour. This restaurant is very much a favorite and I am always welcomed, valued and usually the center of attention. I know many of the people that work there. Karen chided me for not having been there in a while, but it’s not that close to our home and I frankly, can’t afford to eat there frequently. I went grocery shopping this morning and spent less for one week’s groceries than I did for my evening with the girls. The realities of life.

So what have we learned here. Trust your judgement, based upon significant personal experience. Time after time I try to be a facilitator, try to bring together other girls and time after time, I get stiffed. Does this mean I won’t continue to be an open or giving person? No, that’s who and what I am. But it does mean I will NEVER arrange anything that exceeds one other person. I blame no one and completely understood these cancelations, but it happens all the time. Lesson learned.


Hi Sis, the last time I wrote to you I had reluctantly moved on from my volunteer work with the lovely residents of the care home in the village and resigned myself to ‘hopefully’ the occasional visit , well things here changed and a month or so later I received a visit from Mrs. Jarvis whom I had forged a nice relationship with whilst volunteering. A position had became available within the care home when the recreations assistant had resigned and Mrs. Jarvis (and the staff) thought of me.

So it was that after a long chat with Mrs. Jarvis I agreed to go through the formality of a interview, which was arranged and the following Monday found me sitting across a desk from Mrs. Howlett the care home matron and a very direct woman in her manner of speech. For 90 minutes she and I sent questions and answers across her desk and I must have impressed her as she offered me the position without a trial period.

This is now my first month in the position and so far I have arranged a visit to see the coronation for six of the more mobile ladies and a theatre visit to see ‘ Wicked ‘ in London west end. It is also one my duties to arrange birthday treats etc. for the ladies, so as you can imagine my heels are barely still.

I now walk through the village with a purpose, as the village postmistress remarked ” you always appear to be a woman on a mission!!” Which is true, but the nicest thing is being among people who in the nicest way ignore me. Well they say that when a women reaches a certain age she become invisible !!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

So Kandi I hope all is well with you and yours.I love the new website and those lovely contributors. Long may you have happiness and sunshine in your life.

With love and kindest regards


Now that’s GREAT News! Thanks Faye for sharing!


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  1. I totally understand and I, like you do a lot of things solo. I would love to one of the girls and meet you all for dinner one night , unfortunately living half the world away makes it difficult but never say never! Sabrina, Sherry and Kandi , you all looked amazing, Iโ€™m sure I would enjoy your company and you would make me feel very welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

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