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Boss Lady

I've posted hundreds of Dee photos, all fabulous. But this one is truly special! Now, on with the show....

Last week I wrote about flying to Durham, North Carolina, to visit my friend Renee and her husband John. As I mentioned then, I had two cover stories for public consumption, a Parkrun and a Bruce Springsteen (a/k/a “The Boss”) concert (the non-public reason was to spend four days as Dee).

First up, with an 8 AM start, was the Durham 5K Parkrun, 3rd oldest in the US. From talking with the organizers, the founder was a Durham resident who lived in England (where Parkrun started and is very popular), and decided to start one in Durham. Ironically, the day I was there the same organizer was starting a second Parkrun nearby, making it only the 59th in the US. I did a respectable time slightly under 26 minutes, good for top twenty out of about fifty, and my second fastest of the year. This was NOT a Dee run, but the only boy clothes on this trip were my running clothes and shoes.

Next up was to dress and meet up with Renee for lunch and dual mani-pedis. Renee has become of fan of mani-pedis, in part because I would text her about getting pedicures (I rarely get manicures, because I generally don’t dress long enough to make it worthwhile, and I mentally cry when I have to take off the polish).  She had texted me offering to get them (her treat), and I gladly accepted.

As it was warm enough for summer dresses I wore my strappy dress (with a sweater). In part, I was wearing it as a homage to Renee. One day I was out shopping and she texted me to “expand my comfort zones.” I took her suggestion to heart and that day I tried on some juniors’ dresses at Macy’s, and then walked into a Windsor store and tried on five age-inappropriate dresses, and loved this one.  At lunch with Renee before our appointment the receptionist at the restaurant said she liked my dress. After lunch our dual mani-pedis were next door.  I’m not sure what my nail tech thought of me (I’ve read that lots of nail salons are staffed by Vietnamese, and this shop fit that pattern), but it was fun. I love getting to spend a few Dee days so I can get my nails done.

As an aside, I originally planned to keep my nails painted only until midday the next Tues-Dee, when I had some boy-me responsibilities. However, later in the weekend I was swapping texts with Ms. Dee-ism, and she encouraged me to keep the nail polish on as a test of acceptance, and I did. I created a copy story about female bonding with Renee and getting the mani-pedis, and those who saw my nails and asked about them, accepted my cover story and moved on. The toenails I generally keep painted until the polish wears off. 

I returned to my hotel to get ready for the concert. Renee was interested in going but because of her health issues she doesn’t do crowds well, but John was definitely interested in going (he had never seen Bruce and the band).  He was a good sport and agreed I could go as Dee (Renee told me he liked the idea of having a “date” that wasn’t his wife, and I was intrigued because this was my first time out with a man).

I had multiple choices for an outfit. It was cool enough to wear my long sleeve dress with fishnet tights. I had asked Renee of how she would want me to dress for the concert if she was going with me and she said she would want me to be “dressed to the nines”. I just knew if I was going dressed I was going to dress up. It was a little over an hour drive to the concert, so John and I had a chance to talk one-to-one (again, going into this weekend, I had met him once about 35 years ago). While walking in I was trying to take a selfie, but another concert goer offered to take pictures of John and I, and we readily accepted. John was happy to pose too.

Editorial comment: This post features my two all-time favorite Dee-pics, the one that opened the post and this one!

The concert was fabulous, three hours of end-to-end songs. I first saw Bruce and the band in 1978 and have seen him at least a half-dozen times since (probably closer to ten times), and his shows never disappoint. An amazing performance for a 73 year old, and a number of the members in the E Street Band (I counted eighteen performers, including a horn section and backup singers)  ain’t no spring chickens either. If you have a chance to go, and you’re a fan, go. And even if you’re not a fan, you will still enjoy the show. John loved the show too (and he was great company).

Yes, I was overdressed compared to most others at the concert (most of the women were in casual clothes), but it’s a fun dress and I didn’t care I didn’t blend in.  As I have written, WWYWTW, Wear What You Want To Wear. I survived the three hour concert, the walk in and out, wearing a fairly comfy pair of heels.  I even managed the long lines of the ladies restroom without an issue, even though I was the only one in line in a dress, fishnets, and heels.

All in all, a pretty good day. In the morning, I was “Born to Run”. In the evening I was able to “Prove It All Night” and enjoy my “Glory Dees” by being one of the “Girls In Their Summer Clothes.”

Fun being a Boss Lady for a day (err, Dee).


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  1. KANDI & DEE



  2. Thanks.

    As I said, John was a great sport and helped make me feel comfortable. As to enjoying the show, it’s pretty easy to do when it’s a Bruce Springsteen concert.

  3. Best pics ever!!
    My spouse had a great time. As did I.
    I love our pics, especially the one where my head is on your shoulder.

    You’re welcome to visit anytime, please soon!

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