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Okay, you have to get an MRI. No sane person's first thought is "what to wear?".

Okay, you have to get an MRI. No sane person’s first thought is “what to wear?”. Meet the one person who planned an MRI outfit.

May 10, 2023, our 37th wedding anniversary, something I am both awfully proud of, deeply grateful for and serves a reminder of the fact that I am playing the back nine of life. Let’s hope I am not putting out the 18th hole…..

We will not go into the circumstance of why I needed an MRI right now. I believe it is to eliminate an issue as a possibility, not to identify a problem. I was up very early to do a pre-MRI requirement that I will not talk about here, simply because many of you are having your breakfast right now. I then went about doing my makeup and getting out the door for my appointment.

I checked in and sat with the other masked folks awaiting our CTs, MRIs or whatever we were all there for. I checked in, gave my ID, went through the necessary BS and sat back down. A technician came and got me and all along, my attire was not problem. I had to get undressed and was told I could leave my underwear on but had to remove my bra. I won’t bore you with much more about this, me in a tube, headphones on, the machine making a great deal of noise while I drifted in and out of sleep.

After about two hours, I went about having some fun! I had a basket of clothes, so I did my sale route. Two clothing exchanges and a consignment store. The basket was eventually empty and I had some cash and over $100 of store credit, some of which I used. This is my summer of sundresses and I wanted to stock up!

I made a few more stops for business reasons before I returned home and turned back into a pumpkin. Unfortunately, due to conflicting work schedules, my wife and I didn’t really do much to celebrate the day. But that is us, loving each other every day, pulling each other through the maze that is life.

This was me: 😊


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  1. Hi Kandi,

    You’re not telling much so I won’t say much other than I hope it’s just precautionary and all comes back fine. You’re the first girl l’ve heard of that dressed specifically for an MRI. Having said that, I’m sure the MRI Techs appreciated your efforts and you did look very nice, I loved the dress. 😊

    I’m in to see my surgeon this morning to have the staples removed and get X-rays. I’ll fill you in soon I hope. Have a great day girl.

    Trish ❤️

  2. Hi Kandi,
    Your choice of clothes is totally yours , it’s usually not a problem with most medical departments . Perhaps it raises the question of how do you describe yourself to others especially professional medical staff . It’s one of the issues that arises from an official name change and something I’ve given a great deal of thought to . One question would they also have asked a GG to remove her bra for the scan ?

    Personally I haven’t had any problems when visiting a doctor or dentist and donating blood , and so far have only needed an X-ray on my knee . Usually in the UK they ask you to undress down to your underwear and then slip a surgical gown on for scans , I assume it’s the same in the US .

    I hope it’s nothing serious and purely a precautionary scan , where would we be without Kandi !!

    1. Teresa,

      Believe me, I know about the medical community as I have dressed for a few years for physicals, blood draws, x-rays, an ultrasound a couple of other procedures and this MRI. It is never a problem! And I did my research prior, the bra is always removed as there is some metal involved usually there.

      Once I know what’s what, I will let everyone know.


  3. My dear friend you look great and likely best dressed for their MRI
    I do hope and will pray whatever your dealing with will be taken care of and healing will come
    God Bless, Rachael

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