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I've missed Jocelyn (she's fine, but doing important work right now), so I thought I would bring this one back.

By Jocelyn Johnson

It was February 2020 just before COVID changed everything. I was driving to Florida for two weeks to go golfing with relatives and then with friends. I initially believed all thoughts of being feminine would have to be abandoned for that time period. None of them know me as Jocelyn.

But then I realized I would have two days driving down and two days driving back when I could be en femme. With all the details of what 48 continuous hours would entail, I was both excited and scared. I finally decided to do it. Videos and blogs of crossdressers show confident women out and about, so I thought I could too.

I would go casual, with my leggings and a sweater or t-shirt, and minimal makeup. Before I left I purchased a pair of red US Keds ladies running shoes.

Unfortunately, going down I did not put on my wig. Leggings (shown in a previous post), a matching burgundy sweater, taupe pantyhose, the running shoes and panties and bralette. I used the family washrooms at the highway rest stops. I’m not sure how people “took me” at restaurants, gas stations and motels.

But, two weeks later on my trip back to Ontario, I put on makeup, wig, teal coloured t-shirt, leggings, running shoes, panties and bralette. It was obvious I was looking womanly. I used the women’s washroom at the highway rest stops. I was a little nervous the first time, and the other women didn’t notice, or look, or say anything. I felt wonderful just being one of the gals in the ladies washroom. At the fast food restaurants I was called ma’am, and at the gas stations the attendants seemed more friendly towards me. There were no issues checking into motels. I was just considered another person. The whole trip back I was just viewed as another “senior” woman

Crossing the border coming home, I did take my wig off.

Of course I don’t know what some people thought, if anything, but no one made comments to my face or behind my back. I was Jocelyn, and made to feel feminine. What a marvelous time. I’m glad I did it. I think my casual attire made me look like a regular tourist. 

Thanks for sharing, Jocelyn!!

Dear Kandi:

My first pair of pumps (15s) showed up this afternoon all the way from LA and they fit me just fine (if not perfectly!!!).

These are the pair with the Mary Jane type of instep strap which are intended for “special occasions” like this Saturday.  The second pair a just plain black pumps, size 16 (at their insistence for a good fit) with 2-inch heels, intended for church on Sundays.

For the first time this weekend (e-mail dated 5/3/23) I will be able to experience the feminine cosmetic extravagance of the Kentucky Derby myself, even if only by remote up here on TV as I have craved for so long.  I am always envious of Janice Dean’s annual Derby show-off on Fox.  When my hair thickens maybe next time (2024) I can get one of the big Derby (faux) vintage hats she always wears.

Anyway I spent a good part of the afternoon spending my first moments in these 63 years stepping carefully in (2-inch) high heels.  A REAL HIGH it was!!!  And I only “almost” rolled twice in 4 hours.  I finished the first day by driving my car around the block–in heels!!–!!!😀

Thanks to you and Cali forever!!!

As an epilogue, I had my nails polished today for the first time, too!  Quite a day indeed!!

They are colored lilac for May, to commemorate the three lilac bushes which used to adorn our front yard for about 30 years.  Two white and one a very beautiful lilac for real.

Only one survives and its almost 70 years old (a bunch of white flowers are poking out just since Sunday).  I had to undertake a few extreme measures to save that one about five years ago and it seems to be responding, I think…

❤🖤💜Gigi💜💛💙  I Am!!!

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9 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    This was a surprise! You obviously used Mr. Peabody and Sherman’s “Wayback machine”. The good news about seeing the old pictures is my feminizing has improved over time and so has my meagre wardrobe.
    Thanks dear friend, I miss you.

    As you said, I am very busy these days and the important work is getting done.


  2. Great post as always, Jocelyn!

    The strange thing about these situations is that they’re groundbreaking for us but non-events for the rest of humanity. As you said ‘Of course I don’t know what some people thought, if anything, but no one made comments to my face or behind my back’ and that beautifully sums the whole situation up. And anyone who did twig had probably forgotten all about it within a minute or two as practically everyone has far more pressing concerns in life than the chromosomal combination of people they see while out and about!

    But I don’t want to make light of the situation because it’s posts like this that make people like me realise that we have nothing to fear by breaking free from the confines of the closet and experiencing the big wide world and I, for one, am very grateful!

  3. Amanda,
    Thank you for your comments and your continuing support.

    It is amazing how we each over-think what other people will think. Only through reading about outings by other CD/TG friends and by taking that first “big step” do we really understand the personal joy of being our true selves. And as you say, the fact that the general public has there own life to worry about; they are not concerned about how we dress.

    I must admit that the pictures Kandi included in this post are not my “finest hour”. But I am very proud of the one at the very top showing Kandi and me together.


      1. Kandi,
        Sorry for getting you in the middle of this. I apologize. I’m surprised I submitted those pics. They must have been all I had at the time.

        As I said before, the old pics and the recent pics show how far I have come.


  4. Jocelyn,
    You weren’t the only one surprised by Kandi this morning. I’m glad to hear you had your nails done, but I forgot to tell you it can be addictive. I really enjoy having all my nails done.
    I’m slightly older than you. I have been wearing leggings since 2013. I have all sorts of different ones, from thin cotton to blue velvet to textured ones meant to be worn as pants. Really like wearing leggings with knee high boots (in public). Leggings have replaced my sweatpants, except when working in the garden or gopher hunting. I wear them all the time in the winter
    I wear them as my under garment when skiing. Come back to my car after a day on the slopes and drive home in my leggings only on my legs. Stop for gas (aka petro) at different Costcos, get out and put gas in my car with 5 inch Steve Madden mules. Never hear a thing. This year I got new Eddie Bauer compression-performance leggings for this purpose.
    I also kayak and wear leggings there too. Afterwards I run errands on my way home. Love my VSX and Nike leggings with ankle zippers, I can unzip, roll them up and not get them wet getting in and out of the kayak.
    These activities were once frightening to me, now after years of doing this its just “normal”.
    Men don’t know what they are missing with leggings.

  5. Cali,
    Hi. The mailbag letter to Kandi was from Gigi, not me. But I agree with you about getting our nails done; I love it when I have red polish on my fingernails.

    And you really, really love wearing leggings. Thank you for sharing your styles and some of the places you wear them.

    My casual, ordinary day outings is when I wear leggings. But I really prefer a skirt or dress with pantyhose underneath.

    BTW, I’m 73 and still going strong.

    Take care.


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