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What Is It About Legs?

Jocelyn gives us something to consider.....

By Jocelyn Johnson

Legs are designed for mobility, jumping or squatting; that’s it. But human culture over the millennia has also used legs for adornment and a means of attraction by both men and women.

I have always been interested in female looking legs since I was a teenager. I would watch TV sitcoms to see the legs of Mary Ann Summers, Samantha Stevens, Joanie Cunningham and Agent 99. The shows were amusing, but the real reason I watched was for the legs. I’m sure you know the names of those programs. And more recently Moira and Alexis Rose of Schitt’s Creek.

In a high school French class one year, I was seated next to a girl who wore a wide variety of stockings and pantyhose over the days. The colours, textures and stylings were many. I was interested to see if there was a pattern to her choices, so I actually documented what she had on day after day. As the months went by I determined that there was no pattern, just her whim each day.

On the internet a few days ago I discovered the word “crurophilia”; the love of or the erotic fixation on legs. I don’t think I have a fixation or love of legs, but I really appreciate a woman’s legs.

Most woman, cis and trans, have attractive legs. I think mine are OK looking, and I have been told I have fantastic legs, but I think that person was just being kind in saying so.
How do you define great legs? One criteria I have found is the “three diamond test”. When standing straight with legs together there should be three diamond shapes formed by the contours of the legs: between the ankles and the calf, between the calf and the knees, and between the knee and the upper thigh.

I only have one elongated diamond shape above the knee; so not that great. My calves are not sufficiently defined to make the diamond shapes above and below them. But my legs are long, which is another criteria for great legs.

And I do love putting on pantyhose or stay up stockings.

It is a shame that our culture has woman moving away from showing off their legs. When I am out it is usually wearing a skirt or a dress at knee length.

When I look at any woman I first look at their legs. I know most of us sisters like to show off our legs. What’s with that? It is because they are beautiful! Be proud, show the world how beautiful you are, and how feminine.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve always felt my legs were my most feminine of my presentation
    This time of year is my favorite because I can wear cute skirts or my shorts which I love the variety in ladies shorts.
    Not to mention I can wear sandals and show off my painted toes.
    So yes for me my legs are important

  2. Jocelyn,

    You hit me where it hurts on this one, as my legs are one the “tells” I have. My calves are ginormous and my knees are knobby; not a great combo! But, while I cannot flaunt my legs, I can do as cisgender women do and either (a) ignore the issue (what I do most of the time) or (b) camouflage the problem (by wearing skirts and dresses that are longer). Interestingly, my mum had big calves too (not as big as mine!), and those calves did help me be a very fast sprinter in my youth.

    Anyway, I celebrate your own great legs and those of all other women who can justly be proud of them.

    Keep showing the, off, because they look great!


  3. Thanks Rachel.
    Yes, female shorts are great, and in the summer they are a must. We all have to show the world our legs when weather permits.

  4. Well isn’t this funny Lisa! When I look at your picture in Kandi’s Land Contributors I see a woman with shapely legs. I wish I had shapelier legs like yours. Maybe we should combine my skinny calves with your “ginormous” (your word) calves and we would have the perfect legs.

    Thank you for saying mine are “great”.

    Let’s agree that we both look great and let’s keep showing off and being proud of our looks.


  5. Your legs are very nice. I am similar to you and have always been attracted to female legs. When out dressed I always have to be careful not to be distracted by the seemingly dwindling number of real girls who actually display their legs. I much prefer legs adorned with hosiery and always think the celebrities at red carpet events would look better wearing pantyhose.

    1. Thank you Brenda for the compliment.
      I agree with you about pantyhose making legs look better.

  6. Jocelyn,
    I might be going out on a limb here ! Sorry about the pun but the point I wish to make is many women struggle with the shape of their legs , for many wearing trousers is a gift from heaven .
    Some of the conversations in my painting group are quite amusing and enlightening , most of them are ladies and the majority agreed that they hated wearing tights ( pantihose to the other side of the pond ) . A high percentage won’t even consider wearing heels .
    I recall sometime ago sitting by the glow of a log fire and seeing the sheen on my stockinged legs , I admit I also had a thing about seeing the view down when driving while wearing stockings . I’m not sure about my diamonds but I feel my legs aren’t bad , one thing for sure we can’t cahnge them .

    1. Teresa,
      Thank you for your nice comments. I understand that most cis women prefer trousers. And everyone is free to choose what attire to wear. But I also think most women are overly critical regarding their own appearance.
      Like I said, and you agree, for us wearing pantyhose is a pleasure and it enhances how we look. It’s our choice, and why not!
      That’s what great about being a woman; an infinite choice of clothes to put on.
      Have fun and be you.

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