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It Had To Be A Skirt

A happy Jocelyn...need I say more?

By Jocelyn Johnson

I really like to be out around town and being totally appropriate. Of course for mature women that would be leggings or capris and a simple blouse and comfortable shoes.
I have posted on Kandi’s Land my recent shopping excursions of me being totally appropriate. But my oh my, I do want to wear a skirt sometimes. So I put together a casual outfit that I still think is OK.

On previous outings I had purchased a teal t-shirt and a floral skirt, but I had never worn them while out shopping. Those, together with black hose and red sneakers, were my attire for my most recent shopping day.

I first went to the local bank to get some cash, and then planned to go to a couple of consignment boutique shops to look for a pair of light coloured capris. All my previous purchases were at big box stores, so an intimate boutique would be a whole new experience.

The SAs at the consignment shops were very welcoming and helpful and we had a pleasant conversation. None of the other shoppers seemed to care about me, nor I them. Unfortunately boutique shops don’t have a wide range of sizes so I was unable to buy the capris I wanted. Maybe next time.

The experience was another step for me in the world of femme shopping. Every girl should try it.

A Happy Jocelyn


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