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The Little Things

We always love hearing from our intrepid reporter from North of the Border!

By Jocelyn Johnson

I had the chance to dress for an hour recently, just around the house (I usually get out into town). House bound (pandemic imposed) is definitely not my preference, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.

When I was taking off my nylon stockings the right one developed a run from toe to thigh. A new pair will have to be purchased. Oh well, it happens. I then, quite happily, thought that this same situation has been occurring with woman all over the world for a hundred years. I can relate to the billions of woman who have experienced a run in their stockings/hose. I am part of that group, and loving it.

I then started thinking of all the other little things I do that really make me happy. I am sure you have a list of what little things you do that make you happy.

My little things I enjoy doing as a woman are:

  • shaving my legs and then rubbing on lotion;
  • plucking my eye brows;
  • sitting to pee;
  • putting on blush after choosing the best colour;
  • having someone take a second look and smiling back at them;
  • brushing my hair;
  • carrying a purse, and;
  • getting a run in my stockings.

I surprise myself when I do these seemingly small things, of how feminine each one makes me feel. Ah, the joys of expressing female.

Do you have an example of a little thing that makes you feel special?


4 Responses

  1. Yes there are things that I like and just make me feel better about my girl side
    Shaving my legs to make them silky smooth and also looking at my pretty painted toes especially when I’m out wearing my summer sandals

  2. It is the little things, isn’t it? But, I must admit as an aging person, I have to sit to pee so I can use toilet paper to address the aging pipe that leaks!

    1. Lisa,
      Unfortunately I know exactly what you mean.
      But I have always felt more natural sitting anyway.

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