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Still Evolving

Watch our girl grow!

Written during the holiday downtime (yes, I am still sprinkling in things I wrote in December), which we all knows means I have WAY too much time on my hands, here are random photos from each year of the Kandi era (2015-to present). You can see I literally looked like a clown show for most of this time, finally learning and getting the hang of things recently.

2017 – My happiest place, The Cleveland Museum of Art
2020 – The most “buxom” photo I have ever taken, prior to my failed attempt at community, Kandi’s Supper Club
Today – Cute as a button…

It’s a process ladies! Be patient with yourselves.

The Ladies of Kandi’s Land will run one week from today, April 29, 2024. Not too late to participate! I will remind all that we are seeking that ONE photo that you feel is most “you”. Key word: ONE photo.


5 Responses

  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of evolution, Kandi! We can all look back and cringe (to be honest, looking like a ‘clown show’ was aspirational for me in the early days) but we can draw comfort from the fact that we wouldn’t be where we are today without taking those steps.

  2. Kandi,
    Despite how you feel you looked you never stopped smiling !
    Who said stepping out the door was easy ? So much to learn but we mustn’t put ourselves down if we get it wrong , sometimes we must stand back and realise we are very special people , to have the courage to set aside the man and transform into the person we prefer the World to see us as .

  3. Kandi,
    Different over the years? Certainly.

    Better over the years? In my humble opinion, you looked great in 2015 and every year since.

    Styles change, but the fabulous woman inside is the same.


  4. Kandi

    Totally agree with all the comments and particularly those from Jocelyn.

    Have sent my special picture via the contact link. Hope it get through the electronic waves.


  5. I would love to have a wardrobe as cute and varied as yours girl. I really like the pics with the lighter hair, it really really suits you and that black and white dress looks amazing on you….Kandi’s Land’s fashionista ❤️

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