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Shoes Make a Big Difference

Stories like this please me so much!

By Jocelyn Johnson

I was supposed to see my friend Alison for another girlfriend noontime meeting. But we couldn’t make it work, so I decided to go it alone.

I decided to go to a restaurant/bar for the very first time and enjoy a drink and some food. This would be another step down the path for me. Because of stories by other ladies on this blog site I knew this should not be a big issue.

I wore a flowered skirt, dark hose, patterned sweater and red running shoes.

I first dropped by the bank to get cash and then shopped to buy some stick on nails and check out some dresses. None of the nails or dresses really got me excited.

I parked downtown and went for a walk through the park beside the bay, and then up Main Street. One of the crosswalks is painted in the rainbow colours so I “proudly” crossed, purse over my shoulder. I felt so comfortable all the time, and of the hundreds and hundreds of people that were enjoying the day, I was the only person wearing a skirt or dress. I was happy.

I casually walked the street looking for a place to eat. I eventually went into a British styled pub/restaurant. The greeter was very friendly and escorted me to a table. The place had a number of patrons, and none of them took any real notice of me. I had a glass of white wine and a salad. After eating I reapplied lipstick, right at my table.

The female bartender/server and I had conversations and it was just girl talk; WOW. See the picture of Baylee and me.

I was feeling so comfortable just being me, a woman out for a pleasant day.

But, I did bring another pair of shoes in case I wanted a little different feeling. In the car I changed into my 3” heels, and wearing the exact same clothes I went for another walk.

After a few steps my whole being changed; I became a beautiful woman, I felt very feminine and just a little sexy. I was shocked at how the shoes I wore completely changed my viewpoint about myself.

I was now definitely overdressed for an afternoon walk in the park. The two pictures show “plain” me with the running shoes, and “the hotty” with the heels, lol.



4 Responses

  1. Oooooh, a post about my favourite subject – shoes! Is there are more potent symbol of femininity than a gorgeous pair of heels? Funny thing is though that we can’t wait to put them on, most other women can’t wait to take them off!

    I love the way you’ve contrasted the two experiences and it sounds like a really good day out. And once again, you’ve proved that acceptance is there for the taking and by respecting womanhood as you did, it would take a hardened bigot not to return the favour.

    For avoidance of doubt the 3″ heels definitely had the edge over the red shoes!

    Oh, and it’s always good to hear that British ‘cuisine’ continues to spread its tentacles far and wide! I just hope that the salad wasn’t too greasy!

    1. Thanks for the support Amanda.
      I know we all know about the fantastic look we have when wearing heels. And the fantastic feeling it gives us deep down.
      But for a casual walk around a park it really should be sneakers.
      In Canada we have a lot of British pubs and British stores. Any immigrants from the UK to Canada still want to get their back home “favourites”.

  2. Nice outing, Jocelyn. The first solo lunch is always exciting. I like the matching of the running shoes and the top. Of course, the black pumps look great as well.

    1. Donna,
      My first lunch was exciting, but also anticlimactic: no big deal for anyone. Just a lunch for a lady.
      Each pair of shoes has a purpose and for a particular occasion.
      Thanks for the comment.

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