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A Good Day!

We revisit this early Jocelyn post!

By Jocelyn Johnson

I received this in the form of an e-mail and I thought it was the best way to present this (with Jocelyn’s permission).

Kandi, I don’t know why, but getting the chance to communicate with you makes me feel very happy and comfortable. So, here is what has happened these last two days. (It pleases me more that you know.)

As I mentioned before I was getting a two hour window Monday morning to be out in the neighborhood. For days in advance I was thinking about what to wear and where to go. I enjoy doing some planning for an adventure.

First thing Monday morning I get my body ready and put my makeup on (I enjoy that). I thought I would be low key with leggings, a sweater, shoes and a gender neutral jacket. I thought about going somewhere quiet and take a few pictures and then back home.

BUT, then I thought “what would Kandi do?” (Readers, thinking what would Kandi do will generally result in trouble). So on goes the pantyhose, skirt, front zip sweater, ballerina flats and a scarf.

Well, Kandi wouldn’t go to a quiet place, so I drive to the nearby town and into the Post Office and mail a letter and check my mailbox. Next a walk down Main Street to the bank to take out some cash. Saying hi to people as we pass by.

Back to the car and off to Walmart. In I go to buy a small tripod to hold my phone camera in order to take better pictures of myself. I asked a sales associate for help in finding the tripods. He was very helpful and courteous. I found exactly what I needed.

Before leaving I thought I would get another bra; something one size bigger (42 to a 44). I wasn’t happy with the selection so I went to self checkout.

I prefer paying cash whenever I buy stuff, so there is a SA specifically there to handle self checkout cash. She was very good with my purchase and helped get a bag for me to carry out my tripod. I then proudly walked across the inside of the store to the exit and out to my car.

I usually like to try my new purchases to see if they work, so I unwrapped the tripod, put my iPhone in it and mounted it on the hood of my car in the Walmart parking lot. I made a few videos of me walking out front of the car. Some people close by in their vehicles must of thought I was crazy for taking pictures out front of Walmart. (How great!).

It was then time to go home and cleanup. What a wonderful morning.

I have attached a picture I took before I headed out. It is probably my worst look, but it is feminine! I think my best look is in the first pictures I sent you wearing the red scarf.

Thanks for letting me tell my latest adventures.

Be safe and happy.
Always, Jocelyn 

How great is this! Out in public, interacting with people, feeling wonderful. I am blessed to know this beautiful lady!


4 Responses

  1. Jocelyn, great post! i love reading about your adventures in that strange place known as ‘the outside world’ (no English tea room that time, though?) even if they do give me a bit of a kick up the backside to get out and about myself – one day, I promise!

    1. Great to hear from you Amanda. I’m sure you realize that getting out is very easy, rewarding and self satisfying. It reinforces that there is a strong feminine part of me that needs to be expressed. Of course the outings can only occur when circumstances allow.
      No lunch that day. Maybe a pub next time.
      Please get out soon and tell the world how it all happened and how it made you feel.

  2. Kandi,
    After hearing all the wonderful things you do and the great advice you give, I believe following your lead will only bring great joy.

    1. Thanks darling, but it’s not my lead. I am simply shining a flashlight down what was once a dark path and now is open to anyone with the desire and ability to take advantage of it!

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