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Sabrina’s Big Night!

A day out alone, then joined by one friend, and then another in what was such a memorable experience!

April 30, 2022 I had committed to work for the HRC’s bowling fundraising event. So I built a day around that. My friend, Sabrina, was looking forward to her first time out dressed as well. If she has any interest in telling her story, the blog is all hers, so I won’t speak for her experience (her story will run next week!). I made a suggestion about a makeover and photoshoot, which she did. Meanwhile, I went to get my hair cut. We’ll see where this all goes, but I have stopped getting male haircuts, having the past three times gotten a styling while I continue to try and grow hair that we can work with better. My hair can still be worn in a male fashion when necessary.

I had a bit of trouble getting any good pictures, so this is the best we can do.

The appointment was so much fun! I love Dana, my stylist, she is so great.

Then I headed downtown to take some photos, but it was much windier than I thought and of course, I forgot to take any further photos on what ended up being a 12 hour outing.

I then went to grab dinner at a favorite place. I sat at the bar alone. A couple sat on the other side of the corner and they went about their business, I did the same. When I ordered my dinner, the woman told me that I made some great choices and an on-going conversation began. She complimented me on on sense of style (my outfit was outstanding, if I say so myself!).

Sabrina later joined me for rest of the evening. She ordered her dinner and was quite excited about the photoshoot and the feeling of being out for the first time. I introduced her to my new friends and we all ended up taking pictures and Sabrina stayed for a while after I had left to attend to my volunteer commitment. What a wonderful couple!

I had a great deal of fun at the event. They overbooked volunteers, so I walked around just chatting with the attendees. I met so many awesome people! I got good feedback on my hairdo! Sabrina joined me and she also met quite a few people. I let some folks know it was her first time out, so they were kind enough to make her feel all the more welcome. Sherry then joined us and we went to a local gay bar. Frankly, that was a big letdown, crowded and nothing really interesting, so we went to another bar. They had a Foo Fighters tribute band playing. The place looked a little rough when I entered, but it ended up being a memorable visit.

Sherry and I ordered our beers and a gentleman at the bar bought them for us. He was sort of a rocker/biker looking guy, but came over and told us he did that because he respected us! Then while I was simply standing there, two young ladies came up and told me that I was beautiful (I have two witnesses)! Well, hugs and gratitude ensued and I was flying from the eventful evening! It was time to head home as it was getting very late.

A great day and one I hope Sabrina enjoyed!


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time, the fact that people gravitate to you says so much about you in my opinion
    You look awesome and thanks for sharing
    Can’t wait to read Sabrina’s story

  2. I love your new hairdo! I think it makes you look even younger than you usually do (compliment intended)!

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