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Sunday Lovely Sunday


I co-opted a U2 song title, off the “War” album (and yes, then it was an “album”).

February 4, 2024 started off like this:

Dear Kandi,

                 The 4 B’s are those you mention in the closing of every one of Kandi’s blogs, namely:

  • Be Smart
  • Be Appropriate 
  • Be Confident 
  • And most importantly, Be Visible.

These 4 ‘rules’ have allowed me to be employed as Faye, and more than that, to be respected.

My outfit for the initial interview was a SMART skirt suit and heels and accessories APPROPRIATE for the interview, making me CONFIDENT and to the interviewers I was more importantly VISIBLE. 

I recall how I confidently answered their questions, turning in the chair to face my interviewer and reply personally to her.

My questions to the interviewers were appropriate and answered by them respectively, but most importantly I was visible and could be judged on my own merits.

It must have been a big risk employing a woman like myself and I appreciate the gamble they took, but here I sit on this cold and chilly Sunday morning in the UK and reread the letter from the management team offering me a promotion. which I will accept.

As you state , it is most important to be visible. I am on view to all, staff, residents and visitors alike. I am treated as any woman expects to be treated when out shopping, socialising and the like, and why? Simply because I have followed those closing words at the end of everyone of your blogs my dear sister.

  • Be Smart
  • Be Appropriate 
  • Be Confident 
  • and most importantly, Be Visible

To many this will be a dream, but once it was that too me. I will admit that it was some from my church who put a word in the right ears, but it was myself who found the confidence to wait in a room with seven  other women who were applying for the position, all as Smart, Appropriate, Confident as I was, but I was Visible, Visible in my own way.

So Kandi, they are my feelings. Was I lucky, oh yes. Why was I lucky?. My luck/ good fortune came the day I discovered your blog and realised that I could find the courage to be all I wished if I made myself visible.

Excuse my ramblings!!!

Faye x


Yes, I not only excuse your ramblings, they fill me with enormous pride!

My rules are basic common sense, but we sometimes need to be reminded that life often boils down to common sense.

We will never meet, I will never give you the hug you deserve, but we are connected in a sisterhood like no other.

Thank you, sweetheart, for the gift YOU have given to me!

Love you always,


Honestly, how can I do anything better than this (outside of family, of course)?

My afternoon was to be spent working at one of my many jobs, greeter for Darlafoxx, helping during prom season. But first, a photoshoot at The Atrium, in my beloved downtown Cleveland.

I went to town!

For three hours I managed the front door at Darla’s boutique (it is locked and only those with appointments are allowed in due to its location). I greeted groups there for prom dresses, wedding dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses and bridal party gowns. I chatted up folks and simply loved it! As I watched a beautiful young lady making her wedding dress choices, I was struck about how senseless it is for such beautiful young people to get tattoos. Yes, I am old and a conservative person by nature. But you really don’t even know who you are yet and now you have permanent pictures on a body that over time will change (believe me). Anyway, my two cents.

The highlight for me was as I walked a young lady and the man and woman with her up the stairs where we have the prom dresses. The gentleman then pulled out his phone and asked me if I remember taking this photo. Uh oh, I thought….. Apparently I took a picture of him and a group of people two nights prior in the Barbie Dream House at the art museum. Me again being noticed because of the art museum somewhere other than at the art museum. Awesome!

A lovely way to spend the day, in that dress, helping sell dresses.


6 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I know some treat body art as beautiful but like you I see it as a disfigurement to a beutiful body and in the normal course of events are permanent . Perhaps I’m more sensitive to the subject because of the time I spend every morning shaving my body to make it appear more feminine , a tattoo is the last thing on my list .

    I totally agree with the FOUR ” Bs” perhaps there should be a fith one :- Be your (authentic) self .

  2. What a wonderful email Kandi
    Sisters we all are and it’s great you have connected to so many
    Love that dress too you look great

  3. Kandi.
    I hope you were able to try on some of those prom dresses. Maybe even ‘model’ them.
    I went shopping between meetings last week and entered the mall via a Macy’s right into a large selection of prom dresses. Your gig made me laugh remembering that sea of prom dresses. It’s definitly prom season.

    1. Cali, I know this will sound strange, but since I am working there, I really have no urge to try anything on. I am around them the entire time I am there. But watching the young ladies try them on is wonderful!

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