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Casino Night

The good times just keep on rolling....

January 8, 2024 Casino Night for The International Live Events Association. It was a networking opportunity and I made the single connection I was seeking to make. I thought I brought my A game and received quite a few compliments all evening.

I’m not much of a casino gal, but had so much fun! We got $100 in funny money, which could be used at the end of the night to purchase raffle tickets for numerous prizes. And I actually won one of the prizes! It was a basket of Cleveland based food items like BBQ sauce, mustard, pasta and pasta sauce, etc. I saw some folks I knew and just reveled in the fun of the evening.

This was the highlight of my evening. A drop dead young lady who was working the event came up to me and asked if I was in the movie “Shooting Stars“. She was also obviously on set and we shared some stories. She was also in White Noise, but in a different scene that I was. Now you have to remember, this was January 8, 2024 in downtown Cleveland. The scene we were in shot in the arena on the University of Akron on June 2, 2022, twenty months prior and an hour’s drive away. If you check out the post about that shoot, you will see I was dressed as a simple woman in a crowd scene. Nothing memorable whatsoever. Yet this doll remembered me and did so quite fondly! Wow! Any movie directors out there seeking memorable background actresses, give me a call!!


8 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    You look great. I love that skirt and blouse. I have a skirt very similar to the one you are wearing.

    It really isn’t a surprise that people remember you from years before. You are a remarkable person. Not only do you always look like a classy lady, but your personality is outgoing and very friendly. A “standout” in any situation.



  2. Kandi, I love this outfit, the pop of red with your jewelry and heels is beautiful. And you have always been memorable to everyone you meet, whether in real life or virtually.

  3. Kandi,
    I know we talk about blending but the fact is we are noticed , SAs especially are very good at remembering faces .

    I was going to admit I’ve never been in a film but in fact I must have been in many as I often was recorded while photogaphing weddings , OK all in male mode !!

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