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Shooting Stars

Another movie shoot!

On June 2, 2022, I spent over twelve hours on set as background for the LeBron James biopic, Shooting Stars. The film is currently in production by NBC Universal for Peacock. Filming was held at the University of Akron and the part of the film I participated in was the third and final state championship St. Vincent-St. Mary’s won during his four years (they lost his junior year in the state finals). What was great to see for me was two things. One, another film being shot in the Cleveland area. Great for our local economy and an opportunity for me. Secondly, I remember all of these things. The scenes we shot yesterday occurred in 2003.

I was the parent from the team that St. V played in the finals and their colors were brown and yellow. We were asked to dress in those colors if at all possible. So here I am, a working mom stopping to watch her son in the state championship game! We were not allowed to take photos on set, so this is all I got!

This is the sixth film I have been in beginning a little over a year ago, the second I was paid for. I met so many wonderful people and believe I made a new friend! From an ego-feeding perspective, I got compliments on my outfit from a young lady, on my fragrance from my new friend (“you smell delicious!”) and on my purse and ring. Yeah, I like that!

My call time was noon and I arrived back home around 1:00AM. The entire process was so interesting. Having known the movie subjects, it was fascinating to see the actors chosen to play the roles. I believe I will briefly be in a few scenes. I was directly behind a principal actor in one scene and behind LeBron’s then-girlfriend and mother in another. And we moved from section to section, so I should show up briefly in a crown pan or two. It was so much fun and I cannot wait for my next chance!


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  1. Yes, but how did your son play against LeBron?! Knowing his mom, he must be 6’5” at least and very athletic and talented! No doubt you had a lot to cheer for.

    Go Kandi! Our movie star.

  2. Before you know it we are going to see you in some episode on the small screen
    What a long day but glad you enjoyed it

  3. What actress will they get to play the part of Kandi when they eventually
    make a film about your life ? They’ll need a large portion of the budget for wardrobe !!

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