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Pride in the CLE!

Pride in the CLE!

June 4, 2022 was the Pride event downtown. The event featured a march and a huge festival. I worked the HRC tent during the march and quite enjoyed myself. Throughout the early afternoon, I saw quite a few friends, made a few new ones and got a few compliments!

The weather was San Diego perfect! In fact, for the first time I got a tan that I will not be able to explain to others. Good thing I rarely go shirtless….

Once the march was finished, the place was jam packed, so I went to a local pub for a cold one and lunch. It never got much better crowd-wise (I could barely move and while I am not afraid of COVID, this had the making of a super-spreader event). So after about four hours, this girl headed home. However, loving my dress, of course my semi-blind photographer and I took a bunch of selfies.


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  1. Kandi, what a beautiful (and comfortable looking) white dress in these pictures! I can see how the tan lines from it would be, um, interesting to explain. And the fact it was for Pride and HRC gives me such a warm feeling inside, even if I don’t have any opportunities to get out dressed.

  2. Love the dress and I love getting a girly tan but don’t have many chances to just sit and tan
    I do hope one day to attend a pride even but they always conflict with other things
    Oh well this girl will be out an about Friday for a pedicure and a bit of shopping
    Love ya Rachael

    1. Enjoy your Friday! The tan was unintended. I thought I had a shadow over my chest and hair down my back. While I had some of both, not enough. It’s fading, although I will admit, I kinda like it…..

  3. That’s a lovely dress and hair bow. I love how you spend so much of your spare time volunteering etc. The second last pic, in front of the fountain or water, is so nice. There is something about the lighting I really like. Maybe it’s a bit of backlighting, I am not sure.
    Anyway, I enjoy your posts..
    Take care,

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