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All Day in a Dress

Another day in a pretty remarkable stretch of days for me in August.

August 5, 2021, coming off the high of my improv class the previous day, was such a natural day for me. I spent a great deal of it being the woman I am evolving into. Dressed for a good nine hours, in at least six different places.

I just went about the day. Made a bank deposit for my Mom. Hit two separate clothing exchanges. Then I stopped at a historical cemetery and took quite a few photos. Next I went to the library, commandeered a study room and simply sat there working on the blog for a few hours.

Then it was time for dinner as I spent an hour or so eating and watching race walking from the Olympics on TV. Then I made the mistake of going to Nordstrom Rack. Yes, as most girls, I own a lot of shoes. But since my wife and I wear the same size and she has no problem with me borrowing shoes, I have invested very little in shoes. Most are thrift pick ups or hand-me-downs from my wife. I am pretty sure the most I ever spent on a pair of shoes was $16.

But this day….those damn shoes…..all I will say is just wait until you see me in these beauties! I am now $50 poorer.

Then I reported to my job at Mercury and had a ball seating our patrons. I was going to watch the play but I still had the shopping bug. I headed to Burlington and poked around. I walked the shoe aisle and an African-American woman was looking at a beautiful pair of nude Calvin Klein pumps. My size, 9 1/2! She asked me if I wanted them and I told her “want” and “need” were two different things. I encouraged her to get them. What I loved, LOVED, was she must have called me “girl” five or six times! We went our separate ways until checking out. I checked out at the same time and noticed she bought the shoes. I waited for her and we laughed about our encounter and yes, I got a few more “girls” before leaving smiling broadly all the way home.

In a month (since I learned how to track this stuff), we have had over 13,000 page views. Thank you all!!

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4 Responses

  1. Kandi, that’s a cute summer dress, looks cool and comfortable. I’m interested in the new shoes you got at Nordstrom Rack, since I am also blessed with the same shoe size. For $50, they’d have to be perfect and gorgeous (and a designer name would help)!

    1. Tina, I have to find the right place to wear them. They are quite unique and I’ll leave the surprise for later!

      Love you my friend!!

  2. Love that dress on you my dear.
    So you speak of the women your becoming and yes I know you have great outlets to be Kandi but have you ever thought you may choose or see if your angel would allow more of Kandi around her?
    I guess as I see how things are going for you if that had ever crossed your mind and would you ever consider that discussion with her?
    Just my random thoughts

    1. There is no limitation to my being Kandi around my wife. Any boundaries are all mine. Check back tomorrow and see what I am up to next!!

      Thanks my dear friend.

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