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Personal Day – Part 1

That darned Dee, killing it again it Nordstrom's!

Our local transgender group, the St. Louis Transgender Foundation, has monthly luncheons, meeting at different local restaurants. It’s another opportunity to get out dressed. I attend when I don’t have conflicts (I coach high school tennis, and we often have matches on Saturday). This lunch was the second Saturday in June.

I also had a triathlon early (real early) the following Sunday morning, at a location just under two hours from our house. I reserved a motel room nearer the race, so I wouldn’t have to drive so far Sunday morning, although I still had to get up at 4:30 AM Sunday morning to race. I decided to combine the two and have a day out on Saturday.

A couple of days before, I told my wife about the lunch and said I was taking a personal day. She says I don’t work, so how could I be taking a personal day? My wife knows I dress, doesn’t like that I go out, but doesn’t make a big fuss when I do (and I also sneak out a fair number of times without her knowing).

Saturday morning, I started getting dressed when she was home, which I often don’t do. But again, she didn’t make a big deal of it, which pleased me.

For lunch, I wore a black and white sundress my GG friend Michelle gave me as a Hand-Dee-Down. I recently was able to squeeze into it and wanted to wear it out. It was slated to be a 95 degree day so a sundress was in order (I’ve gotten over being afraid to show my shoulders, and sundresses are definitely cooler, and helps compensate having to wear a wig).

We had seven for our lunch and I got compliments on my dress. We had an outdoor table, but it was in the shade and there were enough fans to make the heat tolerable. A frozen strawberry margarita also helped, although I have found that for me, alcohol and heels don’t mix well.

After lunch I went to a nearby mall with the other Nordstrom in town. I changed in my car into an orange sundress and Red Keds to do my shopping (more blendable, and the Keds are easier on my feet). I tried on some dresses there, including the formal and the LBD (which happened to be in the change room). I carried in the heels in a Nordstrom shopping bag so I could put them on when trying on the dresses. The white purse is a Cardinals purse I got as the giveaway at a Cards game on Mother’s Day my wife and I attended (my wife didn’t want the purse, but I did!).

I texted another GG friend Renee, asking if she had any requests for me to try on; she said try on things outside my comfort zone. I answered that usually things outside my comfort zone are usually things in size 0 or 2, and I’m not. But with that in mind I went to Macy’s and picked some juniors dresses to try on, trying to find some in larger sizes. The white dress was one of the juniors dresses. Renee really liked the formal and the white dress, but neither of them tempted me enough to buy them.

But I did find something outside my comfort zone–stay tuned to read about it next Sunday.


5 Responses

  1. They are all wonderful looking dresses on you Dee. And the pearl necklace is the perfect complement.
    Well done and so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Jocelyn.

      Unlike our hostess Kandi, I have a limited supply of accessories (because of the logistics of often changing in challenging locales–see below) but that necklace is one of the two I most frequently wear.

      I didn’t think I would ever go out in the summer, nor did I ever think I could wear a summer/sun dress, but I find I like them very much, and now have multiple choices to wear.

    1. The changing is the easy part. Unzip dress one, take it off, unzip dress two, put it on, zip it up. Nordstrom’s has a covered lot that makes it a bit easier to hide on the shadows.

      The difficult part is that when I am changing the front of my car looks like a tornado just hit it. The back of my SUV often has little room because my racing bike is there. That means the front seat is often packed with a couple gym bags full of clothes, some girl clothes, some boy clothes, a purse or two, generally several pairs of shoes, sometimes my makeup bag, etc.

      I finally get my act together and step out to face the world, hoping I look reasonably put together.

      As always, luv your comments.

  2. Nice story Dee, I must say the LBD is perfect it’s amazing how even girls like us can never go wrong with one

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