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The Simple Things

Many times, the simple things bring me the greatest joy! On March 18, 2022 I simply wanted to do some specific shopping. I am in the middle of a basement remodel. I have almost completed half of it. I painted all the trim and the walls on one half of the basement. I ripped out all the carpeting and laid gym flooring. We ordered a rower, spin bike and elliptical, which should be here by the time this post runs. I redecorated the walls. One wall is all about my Rock Hall work. I have a wall dedicated to my wife’s favorite rock star. Then I have my sports wall and hung a TV for viewing while working out.

So I wanted to get a good Cleveland picture for another portion of the wall. I went to 78th Street Studio’s Third Friday event. Pre-pandemic, this was a monthly go to for me. Long story short, I scored a great photo of one of the script Cleveland signs and enjoyed strolling around.

I loved my outfit for the day! I also trotted out a new do, which I was hesitant about but I loved it! Prior to going to 78th Street, I ran a few errands. In two separate parking lots I got compliments from passers-by. I guess the skirt was a hit!

I was only out a few hours, but the new do, the outfit and the photo I purchased all gave me great pleasure. Well, that’ll be it until Keystone.

I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about there….

By the way: Today is the first anniversary of our new home here at!


New York Follow-Up:

If you have any interest in seeing the show I was in, you can see some video highlights here. I am in it so very briefly, only I would see me since I know when and where I was.

This photo collage is from my friend Rita (pink bikini). You can see me in two of the photos, one with Danae and one with Lena, both dear friends. I am sooooo lucky to know these people.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi. Happy Anniversary.
    Your new “home” is great and like you, it just keeps getting better.

  2. I like the new doo, I mean you are looking our age and blending perfect
    Please don’t take that as negative because older gals like us can still look fabulous indeed

    1. Once a few more things are taken care of, I will certainly take some photos in front of things. Too much of a mess right now!

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