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Dinner With Michelle

Another walk through the Dee vault of classic posts!

By (the lucky sonofagun) Dee

During one of our exchanges of texts, I offered to host my GG friend Michelle, her boyfriend, and her daughters (all of whom I’ve met) to dinner at my house. I’ve been to Michelle’s house on several occasions, most notably for the bathing photoshoot at her pool, but she had never been to mine. My wife and I have a nice house on a lake, and with the house empty besides me (my Aussie wife is still at our place in Melbourne, because of her reluctance to travel during the pandemic), I could host.

Michelle decided she needed a night out on her own so we agreed on Monday at 6, one of her days off from working at her salon. I returned home from my commitments around 4:30 and began scrambling to make dinner; grilling a couple of steaks and some zucchini, heating some frozen steak fries on the grill, plus making a salad and nuking some corn on the cob. Plus, while trying to cook dinner, converting myself from the boy me to Dee (which can take some time). As it turns out, I needed to multi-task better, or at least quicker.

Michelle arrived on time, and I was mostly dressed to greet her at the door–but fortunately she’s seen me not completely dressed before, so she was amused at the sight of me in slight disarray. I gave her a brief house tour, a description of the changes we made before moving in, all while finishing dressing and checking on the items on the grill (none were on fire, a good thing).

Dressing and cooking complete, we sat down to dinner, with wine and margaritas. Unfortunately, it was too warm to eat outside on our deck (especially as my wig is a heat magnet), so we stayed inside in the comfort of the a/c.

We talked about a number of topics but one that warmed my heart the most was when she said how much she valued my friendship. I was very touched. From the day we met (I was a client of the salon she was working at, getting my nails done for a Dee train trip to Chicago), she’s always been supportive of me, and I of her. We somehow hit it off, and my smile is never bigger than when I am sharing time with her.

Michelle also had a look through my closet and tried on a couple of my dresses. She has worn one of my dresses before (and damn if she doesn’t look better in them than I do). She looked great in a black velvet dress I have (her wardrobe is mostly black and black, I like to tease her). I’ve been on her to wear more colors–I tell her if I can wear bright colors, then she most certainly can (like the dress she wore to dinner)! She also looked fabulous in my turquoise no shoulders dress that I wore during our dinner out last year, and she ending up borrowing it for a future date night with her boyfriend (I love love love when she borrows my clothes).

After dinner, we both tried on the five jumpsuits I had ordered from Macy’s, so I could make a decision about which one(s) to keep and which to return. We had pretty much decided, and then wanted to go out for a drink (to Hooters–honest to God, her choice). I asked her what she wanted me to wear, and she chose the black jumpsuit (did I mention she loves jumpsuits–and that we were shopping together when I made her buy a white jumpsuit, the one she was wearing when she met her boyfriend????). Decision made, I removed the tags, and put it on for pictures and the trip to Hooters. 

At Hooters we stayed for one drink and with the help of the waitress, a photo of us together.

Another fine evening with my BFF.


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  1. Updates from the original post from the summer of 2020….

    Some things have changed, but much has stayed the same. The pandemic is mostly over, the boyfriend is no more, and Michelle’s business has moved to a new and much larger location, after a lot of money and effort spent by her to make her dream a reality.

    What hasn’t changed is that Michelle supports me and I support her–and we still have lots of fun doing things together.

    As Kandi noted, I am a lucky sunofagun.

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