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Plexus Summer Soiree 2023

Just a wonderful day!

July 28, 2023 was the annual Plexus Summer Soiree and it did not disappoint!

I hadn’t been out for a bit, making me anxious to get out this day. I took my time getting ready and headed out the door, with no real agenda to kill off four hours until the event began. I had recently purchased a few workout dresses at Nike and when I got ready to wear one, I realized they did not have any pockets. Pockets are quite necessary to hold a car key and music, so back they went!

After that, I hit Urban Outfitters simply to try on some way-to-young-for-me dresses. I haven’t really done that for quite a while. In my early days of being a woman, I frequently went out simply to try on clothing. I had forgotten how much fun that is!

I then went to Olive Garden for my dinner, sitting at the bar. I chatted most of the time with the bartender, a very talkative fellow. A lovely way to enjoy my meal!

Finally, I hit a Ross Dress for Less and again, tried on so many different dresses. The dress I was wearing, which garnered quite a few compliments all day, was very easy to get in and out of, making for just a wonderfully fun and feminine time for me.

Then I headed to the event and really just relaxed and enjoyed myself. I saw friends, acquaintances, and made new friends throughout the early evening.

Then I met just a wonderful human being. Ellen was there with her sister and brother-in-law. She and I talked for probably two hours and we promised to have a girls’ lunch out very soon. You can see here how happy she was and that I had a few…….

Just such a great outing for me!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi,
    That dress is beautiful and on you it looks even better. I don’t own any maxi dresses yet but I would definitely buy one like yours if I ever see one. And the pic at the end of your post pretty much says it all. Two very happy girls thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

    Trish ❤️

  2. Kandi,
    I find I have to be in the mood for clothes shopping , it’s strange how something looks better if you feel OK . I try to make the shopping as easy as possible , I wear a skirt which slips on and off easily and usually a button up blouse . This means it’s quick and easy to try on a skirt and your hair and makeup doesn’t suffer when slipping on a dress . No matter what the temperature outside a session of try-ons does make you warm so I don’t layer up too much . I usually wear a slip as well as I’ve had the changing room curtain pulled back by accident by some customers , being caught out in a slip is better than being caught out in just a bra and pants .
    As for the worse experience , I was being helped by a SA when trying on tops , as I was slipping a slightly tight one off with her assistance I could feel my wig being pulled off inside the top . There was nothing I could do so when the top came off I stood there while she said , “OH ! ” I replied , ” well now you know what the guy looks like underneath !” It didn’t make any difference as we exchanged phone numbers so we could meet up for coffee .

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