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Bridal Gallery – 2015

Here comes the bride?

We continue weeding the garden. This was my first year as a girl, my first foray into my obvious interest in wedding dresses. These are pretty much in chronological order, going from looking wretched (but I miss those arms, I can barely lift anything anymore) to sorta okay…

I’m doing this from a fading memory. I emailed a number of boutiques, being completely honest. “I am a crossdresser and would love the experience of being a bride. Would you allow me to try on gowns?” This wonderful human being agreed!

Not only did she agree, but she had her model (literally) daughter be my personal photographer. Cost to me = $0. Value to me = infinity! This was the day I came to find out real, actual human beings were awesome (took me a very long time to reach that conclusion).

That was, to use an analogy, my first drink. I wanted more! I signed up at David’s Bridal and did it all over again (as I always have, being completely honest). I do look slightly better. Oh yeah, these are at two different David’s… I got around back in the day.

You can see in the David’s photos I am not alone there. And no one cared. We all have our own definitions of what is the most feminine things we can do, the most feminine thing we can wear. This is it for me. The photo below, at left, is a lifetime highlight. I look wonderful. Was it a millisecond in time, fortunately captured? Or was it joy blaring through? Or just who I was meant to be?


Allow me to show you here how I closed my speech at our daughter’s recent wedding. I received very positive feedback from a few there that I had never met prior. The entire speech drew the requisite number of tears, most from me.

I will leave you all with this, kindness is the solution to all the problems in the world today.  Smile at a stranger, give someone a compliment, none of that costs you a dime and will make someone’s day.

Love you all!


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  1. Kandi, my friend you are absolutely correct, a Smle and cheerful Hi ! costs you nothing but can buy you another friend.

    Marie Anne

  2. As you know I photgraphed weddings amongst other things for thirty years so I really appreciated the time and effort that goes into choosing the right wedding dress for a very special day . So it was lovely to see the selection you wore with the kindness of a lovely bridal suite owner .

    It’s quite ironic that you post this now with your daughter’s wedding only just past when you gave her away as dad in all his finery .

  3. Kandi, I just want to say, you make one gorgeous bride. I love all those photos. I know showing a little kindness and love is often well reciprocated and returns many fold. I really appreciate those words you shared from your daughters wedding. It is a simple yet very powerful message and you certainly preach what you practice!

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