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Times Square Photoshoot

Ever been on a billboard in Times Square?

No, this is not a photoshoot in Times Square (we did that back in February), this was a photoshoot that will be seen on a Times Square billboard! Yep, me. Okay, so we’ll only be up there for ten seconds, but I will be up there!!

As part of the Beauty in All campaign, with my friends at Haute Ohio, I will be seen on Times Square along with three beautiful African-American ladies. I am very proud to have been considered for this honor!

August 7, 2022 was the shoot and it was interesting. I had never done something like this. I was told to be at an industrial warehouse where the shoot would happen in Cleveland. It was 90 degrees and very humid. I ran that morning to be at my slimmest, drenched in sweat. I always spend at least an hour daily training to get back to Boston and to do it right this time. Mission accomplished as I dropped a few pounds!

I got dressed, really taking my time with my makeup. Then I hit a local mall to kill off a half hour and just to be seen.

When I got the the warehouse I learned it was not air conditioned. I also learned I would be wearing a sweater dress (the ad will run in the fall, so we all wore fall fashions). The shoot itself only took about 10 minutes, including an individual shoot, but I could not wait to get out of that dress (even though I looked pretty cute). Thunderstorms blew through the area and I was a bit disheveled so I simply called it a day and headed home, extremely happy for the honor of being included and for the experience.

I thought my outfit for the day was pretty cute!!

The finished product will run on Times Square, September 8 between 5:00 and 6:00 PM!

Here are the photos taken at the same shoot. Thanks Jackie!!

In these pictures, I am baking. As I said, 90 degrees, warehouse, no air conditioning, heavy humidity, heavy sweater dress, ring lights right on top of me. If you could see just to either side of me, you’d laugh at the location. But it works for Jackie and the end result was a great one!


8 Responses

  1. Kandi, the photos are amazing and you look fabulous in the sweater dress. The phrase “suffer for your art” is extremely apt as I can’t imagine handling the oppressive conditions you were under during the shoot. I hope someone will be in NYC to get a picture when it shows up on the billboard!

    1. I am told we will get a photo of the billboard, so you’ll see it here if I do!

      Thanks Tina, it was a fun and interesting day, for sure!

  2. I (boy me) will be in New York but I will be a week early (leaving September 1).

    Boston? Again? When did we decide this?

    1. I haven’t decided anything yet. I have to perform first.

      I have approached my training in a completely different fashion, less running, much, much more cross training. I am also on medication for the arthritis that hindered my Boston performance. My legs have never felt better!

      I have proven to myself that I can complete a marathon as long as I have a pulse. I need fresh, strong legs. So if I succeed in earning a qualifying time, it was meant to be. If I don’t, I focus on my pickleball game.

  3. Oh wow Kandi you look fabulous as do the other ladies with you
    What an amazing opportunity, just something else you can put in your Kandi portfolio
    Love the outfit you wore to the shoot as well
    Hugs Rach

  4. That sweater dress is amazing on you! (But then what isn’t?) Probably not too practical for here in Phoenix even in the fall. However, I’ll take that great looking blue top and off-while skirt for Arizona wear! (I’m looking for ideas for Diva Las Vegas in October) As far as being up on the Jumbo-tron in Times Square 10 secs or 10 hours it’s still a BIG DEAL! The best I can ever do is my photo on the wall at the post office!!

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