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Packing a Lot Into a Day

A day full of ups and downs.

Thursdays I have improv class so I tend to build full days around them. This day was no different, January 26, 2023.

First stop, I had a doctor’s appointment. I adore my doctor. She is a woman and is fighting breast cancer. Without my asking, she made sure all of her staff refer to me as Kandi, as I always dress for my appointments.

I have neuropathy. It had been my feet, getting numb during extended exercise, but now my left arm goes numb frequently. So I decided to try and do something about it. She set up a test for me and made some suggestions regarding supplements that might help. We also had a discussion, mostly just for my information, about my taking hormones. I am not now going down that road, but I do take quite a few daily supplements that have, shall we say, enhanced my cleavage.

I simply love this blouse, one of my very early Kandi purchases.

My next stop was one I hated to have to make. I stopped at the calling hours to offer my friend Betty support over the loss of her partner, Daphne. I wrapped her in a big hug while I cried and she asked me not to mess up her hair. The perfect way to handle something as shitty as this. Again, I doubt Betty will see this, but I love them both and Daphne will not be forgotten.

Stop three to meet with my friend Jackie for dinner to discuss many topics. Our Time Square billboard experience, coming soon to Confident U. We talked about OHFW (another Confident U experience) and Daisy Gala, a fashion show we will be doing for Margie’s Hope. I will be the MC for the show and will be providing the models. Models can be anyone, cis, trans, NB, large, small, short, tall, black, white, any variation you can imagine. We discussed a number of things. While there I received a voicemail message canceling my improv class, so I poked around Target after dinner and then headed home earlier than expected.

Now, I was feeling very feminine, so I took a few, what I hope are tasteful photos, before calling it a night.

A day full of love and life.

Post script: Jackie and I are no longer associated with the Daisy Gala. A fabulous cause which I will always support, but their ideas about the fashion show do not align with ours.


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  1. Kandi, I love the blouse, what a fabulous pop of color. And you laughing is a wonderful picture! Sorry to hear about the fashion show, I thought you would have been great as the emcee (and star model).

    1. Thanks Tina! No need to feel bad about the show, better to avert a disaster that walk blindly into it.

      I know I portray a great deal of joy and accomplishment, but believe me when I say, for every awesome thing I pull off, there are 10-20 that I am rejected for because simply of what I am. This is just another example.

  2. Great pictures my friend and I agree with Tina, that blouse is so cute
    Sorry about your friend and her loss
    I know you can’t here but I would be interested in your supplements
    Just send me an email
    Love ya Rach

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