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Day one of a two day model-a-ton!

Darlafoxx is the formal wear boutique I am a house model for. The owner, Darlene, is a friend for whom I am happy to help whenever she asks. She recently moved her store and I helped packing up before the move and setting up when she needed to get the new store up and running. She held a open house where I modeled. I was able to get Sherry included as one of the open house models. On January 27, 2023, I helped Darlene and her sister get the store set up for the festivities.

I have to say, this day, this simple outfit, it was me. Every part of my presentation was perfect! The top, my glasses, the hair, everything.

I helped out for a few hours and was gifted a clearance gown that I had hoped to wear while doing my MC duties for the Daisy Gala (😒). I made a few stops on my way home and felt almost powerful, so confident in my look and presentation.

January 28, 2023, the open house! Well over four hours in a wedding dress! Over a hundred guests. Hair and makeup! The full model experience! I only have a few pictures in the dress as I have now worn it four times, so I don’t wish to bore you with the pictures.

Sherry got to learn the model experience. Amazing. Joyful. Exhausting. Ten to twenty seconds of your time in the spotlight after four to five hours of prep and/or waiting. I saw old friends, made new ones, sort of continued in my mother hen role. It was just the best!

Afterward we went to one of my favorite places, had a few cocktails, a few more and enjoyed some wonderful Cajun food!

Quite the full day, but we had to get up early the next day for some more grueling model work!

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4 Responses

  1. Such gorgeous dresses
    Would love to modal a dress like that
    You ladies look so wonderful too
    And yes the everyday one you wore so perfect
    You look great

  2. The joy you express in everything you do is just amazing Kandi!
    You’re right, the first outfit is you! Perfect look. You are such a inspiration to me as well as many others.
    Wish I was there for the cocktail hour…

    1. Em, that is simply a gift that you just gave me. I thank you for that! I wish I deserved the praise, I am just trying to make my way in the world like everyone else. You’ve gotten my day off to a great start!!

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