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The Life of an Actress, Part II

Go to the theater today and see me on the big screen!

Today is the official release date for Drive Away Dolls, the movie I shot a while back in Pittsburgh. Guess what I will be doing this evening? Let’s revisit shoot day!

I am thrilled to be in an yet unnamed movie, directed by Ethan Coen (one of the Coen Brothers). This project is being filmed in Pittsburgh which for me is only about a two hour drive.

On September 30, 2022, I had to take, yet again, another COVID test. Negative for the millionth time. I even had to take another booster to qualify for the film.

The photo you see here was taken about 5:45AM after a 3:30 alarm and my getting ready.

I am playing a lesbian in a lesbian bar in 1999. They wanted the layered necklaces and we had to bring multiple outfit options.

I took and passed the COVID test and got my fitting. I will be in the film in leather leggings and a sparkly black top, high heeled boots and as much jewelry I can throw on.

For me fittings are great fun, trying one look after another. I think we nailed my look and I then headed home.

This day was also the Rock Hall Member Appreciation Day. I wanted to take advantage of the increased discount on merchandise and, of course, took a few photos!

Well, October 5, 2022, rolled around, shoot day! Up early again, do my makeup, get dressed and back to Pittsburgh. I arrive just after 9:00 for my…….yep, COVID test. We are then whisked on a shuttle bus and driven to the shoot site. Trucks all over the place. We walk in and get into our costume. Then hair and makeup. Gotta say, nothing better than Hollywood HMU! The downside, in a mask for 12 hours except when the camera is rolling.

It’s probably about 10:30 at this time and we get to eat from the breakfast buffet (this is a common theme this day). We wait about another two hours, eat, get coffee, pee, eat some more, get more coffee, pee a lot, line up and get photographed, line up and get inspected by the costumer, pee and then finally we’re over to the set. On set we eat, drink, pee a lot, talk, sit, snack, pee….you get the point.

Why do we eat and pee so much? You never know when you will get to eat or pee again. And when on set, if you leave to use the restroom, you could easily be replaced. Plus there is food everywhere and when eating, no mask requirement. I always had a cup in my hand.

I was on set twice. One scene I am staggering down the stairs in those heels! In another scene I am drunk swinging off one of the dance poles. I had an absolute blast and made quite a few friends. We’re all in a room, maybe 60 of us, and someone comes up and just starts counting off people and then tells them to come with her (to get on set). One time she was on the other side of the room, I stood up and waived my arms. She picked me!

Another time, she was counting people and I was at a table with some real actresses (which I am not) who had not yet gotten on set (this was after 5:00PM lunch). There were about seven of us. I told the table I would take care of this! I had established a relationship with the woman selecting background (our roles, BG or background). I said you never come over to our table, so she said, bring the whole table!

Here I am in my costume (don’t ask me to explain the hair).

Since we were all playing lesbians in a lesbian bar, many of my peers were in various states of undress all day. I struck up a friendship with Dusty, a terrific pole dancer (she gave me a few tips), full time special ed teacher and part time pole dancer. Maddy was a beautiful young lady with piercing eyes, wearing a wide mesh top and pasties. There were leather thongs, chaps, boots, …… well I leave the rest to your imagination. We were reminded that when we go outside, please cover up. Many walked to lunch in their costumes. I volunteered to wear something that was more revealing, but you can see, they politely declined.

What a wonderful experience! I got direct contact with such an accomplished director. A very good friend of mine, less than half my age, and fellow former improv class mate was there. We got to know each other much better and I am so pleased we did!

I am determined to get a line or even a single word and someday earn my SAG card! I do have an IMBd page!!


Remember my recent music video shoot “Vodka In July“? The videographer sent me some pictures from the shoot. Here they are!


10 Responses

  1. Wow!!!! That is so cool. You look divine dahhhling as a lesbian. Trying on different looks sounds like so much fun! Along with trying on different shoes. Let me know if they could use an extra on set .

  2. Amazing series of experiences, with the movie and the music video and the calendar shoot and the wedding show and (most importantly) being you! Your “lesbian chic” look is great, but what were they thinking with the hair??

  3. What a great opportunity for you my friend
    I lived in the Pittsburgh area many years ago, not a bad place but give me Texas anytime lol.
    You look great in the leather, I’ve always had a thing for that look but don’t think I could pull it off but you do it nicely
    Oh and don’t get me started on all those stupid test they make you do, one wonders why, consider it was never done for the flu, oh and still wearing mask ugh
    Anyway what a great story
    Love ya Rach

  4. Sounds amazing!!! Hope you’ll always keep in touch with us little people when you become rich and famous!!

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