“Vodka in July”

More camera time!

I participated in the music video for this song by Key To The Mint. You may recall a recent post where I went to the video shoot for this song and it was cancelled because of COVID. This was the rescheduled shoot on June 15, 2022.

I went with a slightly different look, as the video was to have taken place in a nightclub in the ’80’s. I never repeat an outfit.

Prior to the shoot, I went to a local eatery to have dinner and visit my new friend from the Shooting Stars movie shoot. Holly is wonderful, a very hard working single mother, juggling three jobs. I got to spend about a hour there on a blistering day with temps topping one hundred!

In my scene, I am seated at the bar. There is a bartender. Seated to my far left was a gentleman, stylishly dressed with a hat, playing solitaire. To my immediate left, a gentleman in a suit, wearing a bulldog mask. He occasionally lifts his mask to sip his drink. All of our drinks contained blue curacao. It is supposed to be a surreal scene. I think I did well, reacting to my two fellow bar patrons. That was the extent of the shoot for the extras, about an hour and a half. I never got to hear the song or see the band play, but it was great fun!

Here I am goofing around on stage. Someone thought I looked like Sheila E.!

Finally, I just thought this was an outstanding sign! Not sure why, I just loved it.


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  1. Kandi, I love your heart earrings and the 80s look. You definitely look cool (in both senses of the word)!

  2. Yes love the look Kandi, early 80s is definitely my vibe
    I was defiantly admiring all the ladies attire back then even if I wasn’t able to wear any at the time

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