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A Week in One Post

A full week!

My apologies, this post ran two hours late because your genial hostess clicked on PM instead of AM when she set it up. Getting old sucks….

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When I say a week here, it’s a Kandi week. This particular week was four days, well, sort of…..

This week in Kandi’s Land began on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. While I was not dressed, I spent time with two people that know me as Kandi and know me to also be this other guy. I won’t bore you with details, but my first meeting (Zoom) was with the wonderful web designer working on the changes coming soon to this here place. I then went to a real world meeting with another web designer I am working with on a project outside of how you all know me here. Most people have a job or had a job and are retired. Because my life is not that simple, I work to establish revenue streams. One such revenue stream is simply the best job I have ever had! We’ll discuss it below.

The next day, February 23, 2023, was my Thursday spent out around improv. My outfit this day was built around this adorable Express skirt I picked up at a thrift for a song. You cannot see here the awesomeness of this skirt. It appears to be black, but it has a subtle checked pattern featuring the burgundy I went with when selecting my top. The perfect turtleneck, spot-on jewelry, tights and boots and viola! A great look!

Once I got out the door, I did a bit of thrifting, picking up a few adorable sweaters. I just love sweaters, often acquiring them, wearing them once and bundling them in a sale, using proceeds to get the next cute sweater.

Not too much of a story. Two thrifts, an hour or so at a coffee shop cleaning up work emails, a brief volunteer shift at Cleveland Public Theater, poking around the mall, getting my yogurt and giant smile from the Korean woman who runs the yogurt shop, shooting the breeze with my fellow improvisors and then class. Class was fun this particular evening. Sometimes it is a bit tedious, getting your time “on stage” and then sitting endlessly through everyone else’s turn. This evening it moved briskly and all were involved throughout.

The next day, February 24, 2023, was a banner day! A paid acting gig and I broke into the rock merchandise business. On the acting side, I was a stuntman on a video shoot for a product web site. I had to fall in place of the older folks (yes, while I am ancient, there are people older than I am) featured in the shoot. I’m like a bumble, bumbles bounce!

I am working for a sports apparel company, which traditionally sells sports uniforms among other things. I saw an opportunity to reimagine the product and closed my first sizeable order with a rock band. I was pretty happy about that! I was able to introduce the company to a new vertical market. I am working now on penetrating the competitive race market, as well as yacht clubs and resorts.

There was one more day, February 25, 2023, brunch with friends! I joined Sherry and our great friend Melissa for brunch in what was basically an empty bar. Regardless, it was great to be out with both of them. We poked around a bit and hit one more pub before calling it a day. I was very happy to finally get this blouse out of the closet and into day light.

A busy week, a good week!

I will be at Keystone again this year. If you are going, reach out. Find me! I want to give any Kandi’s Land reader a big hug and if you want, the first drink is on me!

If you are interested, click here for the highlights from The Night to Shine! Just amazing!!


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  1. I just watched the Night to Shine video. It looks like everyone had a BLAST.
    And you were great, volunteering to help that evening. Well done Kandi.


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