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It Felt So Normal

No words.....

As I stood in line, with ten other ladies in our wedding dresses, awaiting our turn on the runway, something struck me. While we scrambled in a crowded space, defined by the black curtain separators, removing our dresses and getting into the next one, it struck me. While we complemented each other on how we looked, while we took photos of each other on our phones, it struck me. While I sat in that chair for well over an hour, getting my “hair” braided into an updo and my makeup done so well that even I didn’t recognize myself, it struck me. This felt so normal.

Please don’t get me wrong, it was also thrilling, affirming, delightful and the best way I can think of spending a day. In no way do I equate normal to mundane or boring. It just felt like I was being the very best version of myself, I was on a path to something bigger, I am being rewarded by karma for all the struggles I have gone through in my life. Not only am I doing things that thrill me to the bone, I am helping others in any way I possibly can.

October 23, 2022, my first bridal runway! I arrived at 10:30 for HMU. The stylists didn’t get there until about an hour later, but I got the opportunity to meet some of my peers and make new friends.

Watch my walks here (and I tried and tried to make the introductory picture have the proper orientation, but could not figure it out)!

The day was amazing! The care taken by the HMU stylists was such a thrill! Seeing myself in the mirror made me cry. The absolutely normal interaction with everyone there, from the other models, the HMU staff, those assisting with the show and the folks there for the show and the associated expo. No one looked sideways at me and it was fabulous!

A mother was there with her two daughters, who also walked the show. I struck up a friendship with her mother, who was so kind to be my videographer.

Just an amazing day, all in all and I get to do it again in a week! Here are some photographic highlights!

The dresses in order of appearance:

Here are a few photos posted by my friend Jessica (fellow model and prior she was an improv friend). The reason I am posting these is because you get a feel for where we got dressed and you can see me not posing for a photo in the background, in the upper left portion of the photos. These give me such great pleasure seeing me just being one of the girls!

Two new videos in the upper right hand corner of the blog, check them out!!


12 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I found it hard to pinpoint the long term feeling of wanting to be one of the girls , perhaps there isn’t a single answer .
    It was lovely to read how you felt it was ” Normal ” . I know it takes time before we achieve that feeling , I guess we must consider ourselves lucky when so many will never experience it .
    It must have been daunting walking the catwalk but you did a great job , the girls had done a wonderful job on your makeup and your figure showed the dresses off beautifully .
    I have worn wedding dresses several times , they did look great but I didn’t find them the most comfortable item to wear . I always preferred being a bridesmaid , I loved the colours and styles far more , besides the bridesmaids always had far more fun at weddings I photographed .

    1. Teresa, I have walked the runway a few times before, once in New York, so it has become quite natural for me and like I said, sorta normal.

  2. Amazing, amazing , amazing , it’s all I can say and also what I see in your picture in that short green dress is a happy smiling women. Yes very natural indeed my friend

  3. Kandi,

    More than a few girls are envious. But, lest any of us forget, you worked hard to get to this point. Your hard work had paid off handsomely….I mean beautifully!


  4. part of “normal” that also hits you is when talking with women friends you finally find your self talking about make up, fashion etc from a perspective of being a lady.when the ramifications of that hit you -you just say wow to yourself. where did the guy go?

    1. It’s odd, without thought I switch from male thought to female thought based on the circumstances and not always based on my attire. This was an all-girl experience!

  5. Kandi,
    I am in awe at your gift of gab that got you into modeling wedding dresses. What a thrill experience. And I know what you mean about the “normal” feeling. I spend the majority of my time in public dressed as Fiona and there have been any number of times when I’m out running errands or shopping and glanced down at my clothes and suddenly realize “Wow, I’m wearing woman’s clothes!” It just felt so normal to be out & about doing whatever that it was like I forgot I was dressed en femme.

    1. Fiona, I know that feeling! A moment will hit me when I think back even ten years and think I had a better chance if walking on the moon that being out dressed as I am and accepted! It’s awesome and so are you!

  6. You look amazing Kandi! I’m happy you had a nice time and yes this feels normal because we are being authentic we are being ourselves.

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