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Taking Chances

I did it again!

I haven’t been able to do all the fabulous things I have done without taking some chances. I have no real fear of asking to do something, no fear of rejection. You have to understand, being who I am I get rejected frequently. But I also get to do some amazing things! I have been able to walk now two bridal shows simply because I asked. On this day, October 30, 2022, I took another chance.

My friend Darlene, the owner of Darlafoxx, is moving her boutique from one of the few area vibrant malls to downtown Cleveland, in a former Brooks Brothers store in our iconic Tower City (Terminal Tower). The Saturday before the bridal show my wife was working late, so I had the house to myself and was planning a number of projects. I ran early with my friend Jim and then got a bunch of office work done. Then I receive a message from Darlene that she needed some help with her move. Look, I can never repay her kindness to me, so I told her I’d be there. I got the grass cut, didn’t really get cleaned up and was about to head across town to help her. Thankfully, I took a few extra minutes to run a quick shave and did a light makeup job, brushed my hair, threw on some leggings and a quarter zip and off I went.

I spent a couple of hours tying off the bottom of bags placed over various bridesmaid dresses so they wouldn’t get dirty in transit. Meanwhile, her store was buzzing with activity. A woman was trying on wedding gowns with her mother and daughter there as well. Of course, I got involved, so much so that Mom would hunt me down in the store to offer my opinion on various dresses. It was great fun for me! I made some new friends.

Before I headed home, I asked if I could go with my own hair the next day and Darlene encouraged it! So, this is the latest chance I took.

Here I am (same dresses as the previous week), different look.

My time in HMU was interesting. A local cosmetology school was working on us. Their lack of experience showed, but I was happy to work with them. The lashes weren’t exactly done well. I had to remind them to contour, apply blush and do my brows. But then they dug in, the veteran hairdresser who was their leader, went to work on my hair. She had an idea in mind and I was pleased with the result. I know, the blond wig is the best version of me, but my own hair makes for a far more comfortable experience.

I cannot explain the amazing feeling it is to be one of the girls, getting in and out of our dresses, zipping or buttoning a fellow model, lining up to walk, joking back and forth. The hustle and bustle of getting out of dress one and into dress two. I got chills while standing in line waiting to walk. Me, a woman, living the ultimate feminine experience.

These words are both true and unimaginable a few years back: I am a model, a working model, accepted as one of the girls. The responses from those viewing the show is intoxicating. Having someone gush over MY dress, telling me I am pretty, I would have believed I would walk the moon more than I would have believed I could get to do this.

I had a blast! We had a packed house. I played it up with a few of those along the side of the stage. And my friends, whom I offered my opinion the day prior, were there and said hello! What a great day!

But wait, there’s more (tomorrow)!

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  1. Kandi,

    The best part of all is that you had a blast just being yourself. I had that thought at ballet class the night before last. Just being one of the girls, having nice side conversations, being referenced as “she” and “her” when referring to me, plus getting extra help when my need for remedial help was all too evident. These are old hat for Kandi, and are more so for me every time I take a chance.

    Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration.


  2. OMG !!! Sounds like so much fun just being one of the girls!!!!! Yes one of the girls !!!!!! Next time I’m in Cleveland, wondering if your friend can let me try on some wedding gowns. Want to see how I look like a bride… awesome pictures Kandi
    Love and hugs

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