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The “Slow Lane”

Jocelyn gets a break from the Canadian COVID lockdown.

By Jocelyn Johnson

As outings in public go, some of us travel in the “fast lane” and some of us travel in the “slow lane”. I definitely do the slow lane, and I am sure you can guess many of those who are in the fast lane. Neither lane is right or wrong, it is the individual’s preference or maybe their opportunity to travel.

I personally would like some fast lane time, but up until now, I have strictly been a slow lane gal.

I will relate three of my recent slow lane outings. Opportunities to get out have become more frequent since the pandemic is getting somewhat under control, and the home situation provides a few windows of time.

The first instance, in a long time, was a brief walk to a rural setting. I just needed to wear something simple and stroll around in female attire. It was great to carry a purse, wear makeup and feel girly.

The second time was to try a new summer denim shirt dress and my 3” Mary Jane block heels. I always wanted a longer skirt or dress to look casual but to also be showing some leg. That day I did the walk along main street with a stop at the post office and also the bank. I did my business and greeted passerby’s with a hello and a smile. I finished the outing with a short trip to the nearby mall.

Because of COVID I have been unable to get my hair cut since before Christmas. I try to keep the sides trimmed, but while wearing my brown wig the natural grey hair shows out the side. So I decided to go natural grey (no wig) for the third adventure. My hair styling was parted down the middle and bangs over the forehead.

I was to meet my friend Alison at a park by the bay and have a chat and walk. We had not seen each other face-to-face since September. I warned Alison that my look will have changed and also the shorter grey hair on the sides will allow me to wear earrings (something I had never done before).

I wore my denim dress and ballerina flats, while Alison wore jeans, a nice turtleneck top and a beautiful white jacket. We had a wonderful walk and talk by the water. We spent some time on a park bench talking and watching the chipmunks scurrying. An elderly gentleman (probably our age, lol) approached and asked if there was room on the bench for three! Being a normal sized park bench it would have been crowded and we were trying to stay COVID physically distance. We let the man have the bench and Alison and I continued our walk. I am saying that this was my first attempted pickup; I was flattered. Or maybe it was Alison where his interests lay.

I did not take a picture of Alison and me that day. With no wig I looked very similar to my male self. But Alison did tell me I was lucky to have such thick and luxuriant hair (God given).

It was wonderful being with a friend just walking and talking; and the many people we met along the way were happy to say hi.

Ah, the slow lane, not so bad.


2 Responses

  1. Lovely pics. I wear my own hair when I go out as Terri. I recently bought my first wig in 20 yrs. I love going to my hairdresser and chat away as she does her wonders. I am so happy things are getting back to normal.

    1. Thanks Terri. There is something liberating about being out with my natural hair. But, I just don’t feel my girly self without my long brown hair.
      Post pandemic outings are great.

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