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Three Out of Four Ain’t Bad!

Jocelyn scores a perfect day!

By Jocelyn Johnson

I am pretty sure the readers of Kandi’s Land know the Rules of the Road as presented by Kandi Robbins. Be smart.  Be appropriate.  Be confident.  Be visible! 

Well, I had a chance to do some girl shopping a few days ago. So I got dressed and applied moderate make-up to go to Walmart. Keeping in mind the four “Bs” I wore leggings, a long sleeve top and red sneakers. See my picture taken in the parking lot just before heading into the store. My outfit was totally appropriate.

I confidently strolled into the store, purse slung over my shoulder, looking for female items to buy. I was very visible as I picked up something in the cosmetic section. And then to Women’s Clothing to get a bra, stay-up stockings and a pair of nice black pantyhose.
Maintaining my visibility I browsed the blouses and skirts, and finally picked up a beautiful teal scoop neck short sleeve top.

Checking out was easy. All the while I just blended in with all the other ladies doing their thing. I greeted everyone I passed with a smile and a cheery “HI”.

I don’t know if I did the fourth B. I’m not that “smart”.

It was a simple morning just being the woman I am.

Be safe everyone.

Jocelyn, shopping at Walmart, a very mainstream and generally safe place (nowhere is 100% safe these days) is the exact definition of being smart! Four for four!


6 Responses

  1. You look great ! You dressed appropriately for the setting. Some of us don’t do that. I dress to blend. How many women do you see in the mall wearing a dress these days?

    1. Thanks for the compliment and support Terri.
      I don’t see any woman wearing a dress or skirt anymore.

  2. Totally appropriate outfit, Jocelyn. I like that your top has a bit extra with the knot at the bottom. I like the 4 pillars and you look like you were exemplifying them all.

    1. Thank you Frannie, your comments are very comforting and helpful.
      I agree with you about the knot at the bottom of the shirt and the contouring it gives. It also helps disguise the middle age spread. I also like the colour.

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