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Making It Up As I Go

Pretty good decision to have taken these improv classes

Well, that’s what we do in improv class! Kandi has been an improvisational act since that day on December 2, 2014.

My next class, on July 21, 2021 was fun, but different. Our instructor took a deserved vacation, so we had a substitute. His manner of teaching this skill was different as he spoke to us the entire time, as opposed to our doing various games and exercises. Different strokes….. It was interesting but different.

I again had dinner at a nearby restaurant, but other than that, there isn’t much of a story here. I wore this jumpsuit and went with a sun hat to give myself a little flair.

The next week, on July 28, 2021, I had to work, which I usually do not on a Wednesday. That made for an exhausting day! Drive to work, 50 minutes. Driving for work, eight hours. Drive home, 50 minutes. Dressing, eating, an hour plus. Drive to improv class, 55 minutes. Improv class, one and a half hours. Drive home, 55 minutes. Whew…..

A very simple outfit for the day. And the world premier of my new glasses!

This time we had a different substitute teacher and it was wonderful!

Lauren was bubbly, lively, kept the class moving, made us think, taught us so much and I took the opportunity to try and steal a little of the limelight. I really went for it on a number of the exercises we were doing, hitting the mark a few times and falling on my face as well. This is how we learn, even at my advanced age.

Lauren, the instructor, to me was amazing. Now remember who and what I am. I am also a student of our craft and how to best present myself as a woman. I was captivated by how how she stood, how she dressed, her grace. It was a master class for me. I immediately noticed that when she was in front of the class, “on-stage” as it were, she stood with her legs crossed, her heels pointed a certain way, she just grabbed the eyeballs. Oh to be that young and pretty….. I was honored to be there that day!


Random Thoughts: I am so proud of this place! I am so proud of myself. I am so proud of the Kandi’s Land worldwide-wide community. Ladies, we are making progress, we make a difference. Love yourselves, because I love you (if that means anything). The more we learn to love ourselves, to cut ourselves some slack (and I am my harshest critic), the better we will all be.


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  1. Love the pink on you my dear, still not sure about your glasses but then I don’t have to wear them
    You do you the best way you can.
    We are all unique in our own ways and that is what makes us all different and special
    Love ya Rach

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