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A Woman Dreams

Jocelyn checking in on recent occurrences.

By Jocelyn Johnson

Until recently, all of my sleep dreams have been with me in male mode and clothes. Of course sleep dreams are not usually rational and most are weird and unrealistic.

But over the last few months some of my REM time has had me as Jocelyn in skirts, dresses and heels. I don’t know why it is happening now, or if it will last. The dreams are still weird and unrealistic but I like the fact that in the dreams I am expressing female.
I guess my subconscious is catching up to my conscious.

I don’t do a lot of trans/CD blog “surfing”, but I haven’t seen this topic discussed before.

I just wanted to tell everyone about these new sleep dreams I am having. It is very different from the past. I’m no sleeping beauty, and I am not looking for a prince charming.
I really do like having Jocelyn in my dreams.

This makes me very happy.
Dream Girl, Jocelyn.


10 Responses

  1. Hi Jocelyn,
    I enjoyed reading your story, thank you for sharing! I would like to offer an alternative view:
    QUOTE “I guess my subconscious is catching up to my conscious.”
    My first thought is that your conscious is catching up to your subconscious!

    1. Thanks Jan for the comments.

      You really have me thinking now. Maybe you are correct; my conscious is now knowing what my subconscious knew all along. Whatever the case, I enjoy being feminine while awake or while sleeping.


  2. Jocelyn, in almost all of my dreams over time, I have been simply “me” (I.e. Interacting without gender) or “seeing” what I am wearing. None of my activities are quint quintessentially either masculine or feminine. But, over the last fiv nears or so I have had a smattering of dreams (usually nightmarish) where there was a problem because I was out in women’s clothes. A couple of times (some of the best dreams), people address me as Lisa and I am clearly (at least in my mind’s eye) a woman. I do think the latter have occurred as I have begun to accept myself better.

    Thank you for sharing your dreams.


    1. Thanks Lisa.
      I guess when we finally, truly accept ourselves, we dream and live in a way that makes us comfortable. Although some dreams are nightmares, it is best when they end safely.
      Jocelyn in my dreams makes me feel, “me”.

  3. I’ve had several dreams where I was a girl, a real girl and it seemed so natural, one where I was even pregnant. But those type of dreams are few and far between. I probably dream at least once a week and often more of being dressed in women’s clothes and finding myself in embarrassing situations. Probably because I think about it so much. I enjoy the dreams of being a real girl so much more but it all happens so randomly no matter how much I try to think of if when I’m going to sleep.

    1. Elizabeth,
      It is unfortunate that there is no formula for having specific dreams. But I am happy for you that you have a number of femme dreams.
      Mine are few and far between, but I am having them now.

  4. I had an amazing dream last night, December 21. For the first time in my life I met Kandi Robbins (sleeping or awake).
    We were arranging a new venue for ladies like us to get together and socialize. It was wonderful to be with Kandi and her great personality and her flair for beautiful clothes. My dress was nothing fancy, but just being with Kandi made my night. The dream was so vivid and reasonably plausible.
    Someday I hope to meet Kandi in real life.

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