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A Friend Comes To Visit – by Lee

One of our more mouth-watering posts.

As reported by Jocelyn

Here are some details on the great but all too short visit with Jocelyn.  On Wednesday afternoon Jocelyn sent me an email telling me she had arrived in eastern Florida and checked into one of the hotels I suggested.  She told me what she would be wearing and I should have been able to tell her what I was going to wear… but… I still had not made that decision yet!  Someone once said indecision may or may not be my problem.  That so describes me!  Sure, I had a couple of things in mind, but still couldn’t narrow it down.  It finally was narrowed down as evidenced in the picture attached to one of the emails.

Since my indecision also carries through to things like food and not just what to wear, I threw out a couple of suggestions for some restaurants that were not too far from the hotel.  Jocelyn said Italian was fine with her and that would have been my first choice although she did not know it.  Then we had to sift through which Italian, one was a national chain and the other two were local non chain restaurants.  The winner was Amici’s.  The food was great and it probably has the nicest atmosphere of the ones I suggested.

Started off the dinner with a little wine and a focaccia like bread with a real savory olive oil for dipping.  If I remember correctly Jocelyn had a lasagna dish and I went with a Margherita Pizza.  While I really like most any pasta, if there is pizza available… that is the choice!  After a very leisurely dinner, a little more wine and some great conversation we moved the conversation to my house.  Once there some more conversation and a little more of the noble grape.  We then said goodnight after we had solved all the burning issues of the day and planned for a brief meeting in the morning before Jocelyn had to head back towards the northern latitudes.

I picked up Jocelyn a little after 8 the next morning and headed over to the beach.  Where we went is actually part of Patrick Space (used to be Air) Force Base.  Probably about a 5 mile or so stretch of beach with the only manmade structures are walkways over the dunes and sea grapes.  The surf was on the high side since the 3 previous days were extremely windy.  Fortunately the wind had subsided considerably, but it wasn’t exactly the temperature for a day at the beach.  Of course for those from the north might have considered rather balmy, it was sufficiently cold for me!  There was one hardy lad some distance from shore looking to catch that perfect wave.  I hope he found it because while we were there no perfect wave presented itself.

Then it was back to the hotel where that brought an end to a perfect although too short of a visit.  Jocelyn was anticipating the drive back to Cleveland and a stop to see Kandi, then home.




6 Responses

  1. Lee – welcome to the club and it sounds like you and Jocelyn had an amazing time.

    I love the outfits too!

    1. Yes it was a wonderful time and as with most things that are great, they are over too quickly. Thanks for the compliment, that was the first time I wore that dress!


  2. Lee,
    Thanks for putting down your thoughts on my visit to see you. You were a marvellous host.

    “Someone once said indecision may or may not be my problem.“ A funny line, well said.

    Readers should know that the photo of you wearing the red dress was taken month(s) before my visit to see you. Lee certainly has beautiful dresses, but at the beach??? lol.

    My time with Lee was way too brief. She is a beautiful, funny, friendly woman.

    Thanks Lee.


    1. As well as that saying about indecision describes me, I did not coin it. The Mayor of Margaritaville gets the credit, Jimmy Buffet. He probably had me in mind however, lol.


    1. Thanks Fiona, I had not been out in awhile and was truly an enjoyable evening with Jocelyn. I got the dresses at Chico’s, on sale too!


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