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Jocelyn Doing Her Thing

Our friend Jocelyn finally gets out again!!

By Jocelyn Johnson

It has been over five months since I have presented myself female in the neighbourhood. I know I am transgender, but home circumstances prevent me from dressing in typical womenswear except on the rare occasion.

An opportunity arose this week in November (before temperatures plunge and snow builds up) to go out looking like the woman I am.

I was going to be completely appropriate wearing leggings, sweater and flats, while performing normal activities. But you know I love to wear a skirt or dress and I couldn’t resist having a few pictures and videos done. So I started with a skirt and 3” Mary Jane heels. What a wonderful feeling! During the photo shoot a pair of ladies walked by and we exchanged pleasantries.

I then changed into the leggings and comfortable shoes.

I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and donated some old dresses, skirts, blouse and 3” shoes.

My next stop was the LGBTQ2S+ help centre. I was going to see what services they provide to the Trans community. It is a friendly drop-in-centre for people and family who need support or counselling. When I got there, I found out just two days earlier it stopped being a drop-in-centre; basically closed except by appointment only. This was very disappointing.

What’s a girl to do? So I strolled main street doing some window shopping, and then off to the British pub for some wine and lunch.

My waitress was very nice, and the blokes (I was going to say gentlemen, but it is a British pub) were accepting of this lady in their presence. After a glass of wine and a salad I was on my way.

The last time I went window shopping and having lunch I was the only woman wearing a skirt. That is why this time I wore leggings with flats; I wanted to blend in. Wouldn’t you know it, I saw a very well dressed woman in a skirt suit and heels. She was dressed for business, and probably wondering why she was the only one in a skirt. It should have been me, as well.

My outing ended with short walk by the bay, in the sunshine and warmth of a fall day.

It was fabulous to be out and being me.



6 Responses

  1. I don’t know if it was Kandi’s intention to include my story in her website at the conclusion of Trans Week Of Awareness. But it is an honour for me to seen here at this time.

  2. Great adventure, Jocelyn, obviously made all the better by including a trip to a British pub in your itinerary!

    Shame about the drop in centre, though, as making it by appointment only seems a bit counterintuitive. I hope that the people who need it don’t see the need for an appointment as an insurmountable barrier – it takes a degree of courage to enter for the first time as it is without having to put another step in the way.

    Anyway, back to your adventure! Nice outfit and I’m glad it was worth the wait. Looking forward to hearing about your next one!

    1. Amanda,

      I just had another internet event, (lost/erased/deleted accidentally by myself) and I have to redo my “fabulous” reply to you. I hope I get it right.

      Thank you for your compliments and comments. You are very kind.

      It is a shame about the LGBTQ2S+ centre. I was hoping to have a great discussion with them about their services for transgender people like myself. And I have since learned that they do not even take appointments anymore. It is all virtual now. I prefer face-to-face communication, so I will not be seeing them. Since the centre is a charitable organization I suspect funding shortage is the reason for its cutbacks. So sad. A service like theirs can be life saving.

      As for my next outing; it will be quite awhile. I only like to get out when I can wear a skirt/dress and heels. That will not happen until the Spring.

      Residing in Kandi’s Land for the next several months will be my girl time.

      Thanks dear friend.


  3. Jocelyn,
    So good to read you made it out the door and enjoyed the true feeling . I had to smile at your commenst on being the only one wearing a skirt , it’s happened to me on more than one occasion . One that satnds out was being the only person sitting in the busy waiting area to donate blood , to add to that I was still registered in my male name so when the nurse called me it raised a few eyebrows . I said to the nurse in front of them that we need to change my name details . Now I don’t bother too much , last time at my painting group I was the only one in a skirt and most of the others are women . It’s important to accept that as a woman we have the right to wear what we choose .

    1. Teresa,
      Thank you for your comments and support.

      I did have a marvellous time out and about. It does feel so natural for me, and all my interactions are what you would expect for any woman.

      Ah, to skirt or not to skirt, that is the question. I suspect I’ll wear a skirt more. People should get used to seeing women dressed like that.

      Thanks again.


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