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So Cute!

Let's revisit a Dee post from the past!

It was Halloween and to celebrate National Crossdresser’s Day I got dressed and headed out to do some shopping (or at least trying on) and then dinner with my friend Karla. I had always wanted to go out for dinner on Halloween. I repeatedly asked my wife over the years, and she always refused. So I stopped asking and made my own plans. She wasn’t extremely happy I was going out (and meeting a woman for dinner), but she didn’t stop me either.

I went in blend mode (what I refer to as casual), a top I had bought the previous week, my Spanx leggings, and my boots. I’ve gotten a few compliments on this combo. I prefer wearing dresses, but these type of outfits are easier to blend in when out and about.

I stopped at a local Goodwill and Designer Shoe Warehouse (nothing worth buying) before heading to the St. Louis Galleria. I went to the Nordstrom, tried on a few things, then put on my dress for dinner, a black velvet long sleeve dress. I went with Karla for leggings/pantyhose to wear with the dress, and we both liked some black hose with polka dots, so I took them back to the dressing room and tried them on.

I finished dressing and went to the changing room door to show Karla. While I was standing in the door another customer, a young GG who had been trying on clothes walked by and said “so cute”.  Did I hear what I think I heard her say???

I thought that is what she said but I wasn’t sure, so I followed her out and asked her if that is what she said, and she said yes, and then I told her I really appreciated hearing that.

I changed back into blend mode and went to Sephora for a smoky eye treatment (I had seen an ad for it previously; they were doing eye treatments for Halloween). As always, getting made up is fun, and made my eyes look good. I then hit a couple more stores, tried on a few dresses at Macy’s, but nothing special.

I returned to Nordstrom to put the dress back on for dinner. I found the dress at a local thrift and was dying for a chance to wear it out. I had asked Karla out to dinner last week but she wasn’t up to it, but tonight she was. She thought I looked good and so did I. We had a nice dinner and conversation at Brio’s, and it was a bit nervy but fun to be eating out with someone in a glamorous dress.

So no candy but a real treat.


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  1. OMG!! Dee,first let me start by saying you look gorgeous. Second,deja vu!!! I went out Saturday October 29 for Halloween, went shopping at VS tried on a few things bought a couple things. A young GG complimented on my my outfit that evening and she gave me a couple coupons to use for my purchase, I was so happy she called me Miss. And I saved 30% thanks to her. I was on my own that night,my friend Alina couldn’t make it. So I went to my hotel to get ready wore a cute flannel style dress. Went out for sushi at “Kai Zan” had a wonderful dinner. Went for drinks at “mi pueblito viejo ” a Colombian restaurant the bartenders name is “Karla”. When Karla wasn’t busy she would come and talk to me she bought me a drink had a good time closed the spot. I read your post and you mentioned your friend Karla I was thinking what a coincidence.

  2. Thanks Jennifer.

    As an update, I wore the same dress last night to dinner at the monthly dinner meeting of the St. Louis Gender Foundation. With the long sleeves, I’m always worried about being too warm, but it was chilly enough yesterday to wear it.

    Earlier in the day yesterday my GG friend Michelle and I did some retail therapy at the Nordstrom where Karla still works, so I had a chance to talk to her and introduce her to Michelle.

    Expect to read (and see) more on future Sun-Dees.

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