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Mix-ing it Up!

Pinch me...

I am so delighted that the monthly party held by The Cleveland Museum of Art, Mix!, is back to normal. And I am back at my station in front of the East Escalators, the only way to the exhibits during Mix. Me and a partner catch people inadvertently taking beverages into the galleries, answer questions and have a great time! November 4, 2022 was no exception.

I felt great! I was in an amazing mood after another terrific Zoom meeting about the new ventures I am involved with. I spent the time before the party started chatting with friends and associates and really just smiling at folks.

All night long I had wonderful interactions with many people. Quite a few of my regulars came over to check out what I was wearing. I had two separate times someone came over and asked for a hug. Apparently my presence, being proudly who and what I am, in such a public fashion means something to some folks. Who knew?

I wish I had photographic evidence of all of this, but it was one wow moment after another.

Yes, I am very proud to be such a part of an ongoing event held by such a world class place. I am very proud that literally no one gives a rip about what I am when I am there. One smile, one hug, one engaging conversation after another.

Here I am hanging with some friends in our basement before heading out the door!

We’ve also added a third outfit to the Arizona photoshoot!


6 Responses

  1. I love that dress, it is just gorgeous and flatters your feminine figure perfectly. Your ability to bring forth smiles, hugs, and easy conversations is always amazing to me, but it is so much of who you are. Being able to do even a tenth of what you do would be so rewarding (and a bit scary for me!), especially being able to do it dressed.

    1. One is always concerned about their ability to do certain things until they do it and find out it’s not as difficult as they feared. I am doing nothing more than being a nice person and in so doing, I am reaping the benefit. Thanks T and have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Your looking your beautiful self as usual my friend
    I think the fact that when girls like us are in public view I feel that now more than ever most do think if your happy with who you are, great.
    I think many may even think if they only had the courage to be open an honest as to who they are
    God created us all to be different and amazing all at the same time, if we can just make one person happy or show love and kindness to others does it really matter how we present ourselves
    I really think not
    Love ya Rach

    1. There is one thing I know for fact. I may not know much, but authenticity in any circumstance is attractive to the general public. If you are true to who you are and in whatever circumstance that may be, people will respect and even admire that. True authenticity is very difficult to achieve. Love you Rach!!

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