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Two Outings

A couple of nondescript days, but anytime out is a gift!

On November 3, 2022 I wanted to attend a Plexus networking meeting. I also had a basket of clothes to try and sell. And I had a Zoom meeting, so I got myself dressed and out the door!

I had planned on going to two clothing exchanges and then a consignment store. I would sell what I could at the first one, then sell more at the next one and then consign the remaining items. But my plans went awry when the first place bought everything! That has never happened before.

So now I had over $100 in store credit, so this girl did some shopping using money generated from pruning my wardrobe a bit.

And I killed it, there and at two other places. You will see some of my purchases soon.

I then stopped to catch up on my emails at Studio West 117, a new LGBT complex, with restaurants, a nightclub, gym and apartments. I enjoyed the time there as I took care of a few things.

My next stop was a Starbucks for the Zoom. I am on a new PC and still am learning how to use it. Somehow my camera got turned off and it took me a while to figure out how to get it back on. When I did I was upside down. Anyway, the meeting was successful and I completed my day at the Plexus event. I saw a few old friends, made a few new ones and enjoyed a full day out!


November 6, 2022 I offered to help my friend Darlene at her fabulous new store in Cleveland’s Tower City. It is an enormous endeavor to move her entire store. The space she is moving into is spectacular! More on this place over time as I am one of her house models and now on three separate occasions she has asked me to work for her during peak prom season.

I went with the hybrid Kandi look as you can see here, it’s just easier when you are working.

I set up the tiara display cases, which will be the first thing you see when you walk into the space. Apparently, I will be positioned behind this case when I work there! I was pleased with my efforts.


I’ve been published again!

We’ve also added a third outfit to the Arizona photoshoot!


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