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Sir….You’re Beautiful!

People never cease to amaze me!

It’s not as bad as you might think….it was actually wonderful!!

November 9, 2022 I had an appointment for a scheduled PVR test. A pulse volume recording, or PVR test, is a noninvasive vascular test that measures blood pressure and the rate of blood flow in the arteries of your legs. Recently, while sucking at marathons, my feet have been killing me. It’s been like running on feet that have been frostbitten, very painful. In doing other activities of much less duration, my feet have been getting numb but not as painful.

So as you know, a doctor or medical appointment means I get dressed, this was no exception.

Masks are still required in medical offices (I am pretty sure they will be forever and in this case, it’s probably a good thing). I checked in for my procedure in my mask and went through the necessary ID, medical card, birthday, etc. The woman at the desk kept calling me “baby”. I liked that until an older woman came in and she got the same greeting, so it lost some of its luster.

I thought my outfit was smart, well put together and the every day woman look I love! This sweater is definitely a keeper!

The procedure entailed my blood pressure being taken on both arms, both ankles and both big toes. Good news, my circulation is “perfect”. Good news for sure, but then why do my feet go dead? Old age, I reckon…. Maybe an aged soul like me shouldn’t be running 26.2 miles at a time or maybe I should suck it up and get better. Hmmmmm….

After the procedure (my attire never once mentioned) I walk out and thank the woman at the desk and as I am leaving, she says “sir…sir, I mean ma’am”. She then apologized profusely and said she didn’t want to disrespect me. I assured her she had not and could not. Then she said she wanted to tell me that I was beautiful. She said she wanted to tell me that when I was initially at the desk, but she wasn’t sure she should. I thanked her profusely and left grinning under my mask from ear to ear!

My brief outing wrapped with a shopping expedition at ULTA (watch for subtle makeup changes in the future) and the I headed home to vet all of my outfits for my upcoming three day return to Erie.

A normal kind of day for this woman.

We’ve also added a third outfit to the Arizona photoshoot!


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  1. kandi,
    So good to read the nurse corrected herself , we must consider you’rte not the first or the last trans person she will meet , so she must make suer she doesn’t slip up as some would be very touchy about it .

    At one time I did fear attending medical procedures , perhaps the trickiest one is the dentist as he’s so close to you . Otherwise I’ve been for Xrays and ahd all my covid jabs as Teresa . Sorry to repeat the story but when waiting in line I volunteer asked the guy next to me if he wanted his wife to wait in the same line . I can’t beleive he disowned me , it still makes me smile !

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