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Emails, Then Face-To-Face

Jocelyn, spreading the love...

By grace personified, Jocelyn Johnson

I am sure most of us ladies have an email friend or many email friends. Having any kind of friend is so important to the well-being of anyone.

I have a number of email friends, and that friendship is very special. To be able to share your life, the good and the bad, is a tremendous benefit to you and to your friends. The support and help between each other is very significant.

One of my email friends is Lee. But we live 2,200km (1,370 miles) apart. Fortunately, I happened to be vacationing in her State last month and we arranged to meet and have dinner together.

Even though most women these days do not dress up to have dinner at a restaurant, Lee and I agreed to look our best. Having previously sent photos of ourselves in past emails we knew what each other looked like. Upon seeing each other, a warm welcoming embrace followed. Then into the restaurant to talk and eat and share. Of course we were the only ladies in a dress and skirt.

Did I mention how beautiful Lee looked? She even has better fingernails than me, see photo. Lee is very fashionable.

Lee and I got on as if we were life long friends. We had a fabulous time. At the end of our meal Lee suggested we go back to her house for a night cap; more wine.

Two hours of more talk and laughing and serious sharing. Being able to see each other’s face while comments are made is priceless. I love her smile.

Because we got along so well, Lee and I agreed to go to the beach the next morning. The cool, grey weather prevented me from wearing a bikini, lol, never going to happen! More talk and just standing side by side looking over the Atlantic Ocean.

I had to leave, but the face-to-face meetings with her deepened our relationship. I am truly blessed to have Lee as a close friend. I had a marvellous time. Thank you.



10 Responses

  1. Jocelyn,
    Emails are a great starter to bring distant Worlds closer , online forums can find some lovely friends even if they are on different continents but there is finally no subsitute to meet face to face .
    Then we face the perennial question of what to wear , at this point maybe take a step back and consider you are going out as a female , these days she will usually consider what is practical rather than what looks stunning ( obviously this depends on the venue and the time of day ) . For sometime I struggled to wear a skirt to my painting group , as usual the fear was more in my head and when I did slip on a denim skirt no one noticed . Recently two ladies from my art group asked me to join them for lunch , I was the only one wearing a skirt at the venue , as a woman I was free to choose .

    We must take care not to call another for what she chooses to wear , if she wasn’t in the mood because of other problems it’s not for us to criticise , just be there as her friend .

    I’m glad you both enjoyed those few hours together , you both look happy in each other’s company .

    1. Thanks Teresa for your kind words.

      I believe discussing clothing is a right of womanhood. Men don’t talk to each other about what to wear. But to have fun with a lady friend expressing our fashion ideas is wonderful; it is part of being female.

      Plus, I LOVE wearing a skirt and pantyhose. And, Lee looked fabulous in her dress. We both felt great at the restaurant.


  2. Jocelyn, another fantastic post and nice for the two of you to be able to meet up at last. You both looked amazing of course!

    I count it as a privilege to be an email friend of both of you even if I am about 4300 miles away from where the beach shot was taken – more or less on a straight line looking over your right shoulder I think.

    1. Amanda,
      Thank you for the very kind words and thoughts.

      It is indeed wonderful to be an email friend of yours. And it was fantastic to see Lee up close and personal.

      Let’s keep in touch, forever.


  3. Good Morning Jocelyn,
    Thank you for your up lifting post. It made me feel good inside reading it. I can now understand your comments about meeting face to face and how they help deepen our relationships with our email friends. Until Diva Las Vegas I had never had the experience meeting my on line friends face to face. For me, the whole experience deepened our relationships. Have a wonderful weekend girl.

    Trish ❤️

    1. Trish,
      Yes, it is great to deepen a friendship by a personal visit. Everything with Lee went perfectly. With the bonus of her inviting me to her house for wine. What an absolute pleasure.

      As you found out going to Las Vegas, face-to-face really solidifies things.

      Have a great weekend yourself. I’m enjoying the Caribbean Sea for three weeks.



      1. Nice Jocelyn, I take it you’re on a cruise. It’s definitely the way to travel, just throw your bags in the room and no worries till you disembark. It’s also nice because you get an idea of different places that you might want to spend more time at on a future vacation. Do fill us in when you’re back girl and enjoy being spoiled 🥰

        1. Trish,
          No cruises for me. I am on a small island for three weeks. SCUBA diving, drinking beer, swimming, drinking beer, sunning, drinking……. you get the idea.

          The downside is that it is all in male mode. No bikini here; and the world thanks me for that.

          Talk soon.


  4. Trish/Jocelyn,
    I have to go with Trish on the cruise idea , I’ve done several . As for scuba diving I obtained my PADI licence in Minorca but had a balance problem some weeks after returning , the medics couldn’t say diving was the problem but advised against doing it again (OH , I loved it !! ) I’m still hooked on skiing , so maybe sometime in the future Teresa will hit the slopes again ( gentle of course !)

    The great thing is I now have my new passport so can travel as Teresa ( OMG what have I done ? )

    1. Congratulations on getting your female passport Teresa. Well done.

      Cruise ships; never have, never will. Way too many people on one boat. When I go on a boat there is usually just six people. To each their own.


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