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Cleveland, Four Special Days – Part 3

Yes, that is the elusive Sherry....with our great friend!

By the Super-Fantastic Jocelyn Johnson

I have never done this before, 24 hours per day, four days in a row, all presenting as a woman. I loved every second of it.

Day three I had all to my own, and then dinner with Sherry.

It was a casual day of touring downtown Cleveland and the waterfront. My makeup was minimal. I was just a woman on her own seeing the sights of this great city. The baseball park, the football stadium, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland sign, and Edgewater Park and Beach.

Please excuse my horrible ‘selfie’, I can never do a good one. But I know Kandi has posted photos of herself at the sign, so I should too. [Editorial comment: there are actually six of them but this is the best one!]

That evening I got prettied up. Sherry and I met for dinner. Cleveland has lots and lots of great eating establishments. We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up on our life activities. We have a couple of fairly common experiences. Two ladies talking for hours and having fun. Sherry is a fabulous, giving person, as well as looking very beautiful.

Day four was a travel day for me, continuing my journey to Florida. My attire was casual and makeup was minimal. But my bright red fingernails kept on showing my femininity. The whole day felt great and using the ladies washrooms whenever required felt so normal and right.

Arriving in Florida turned me back into a ‘pumpkin’, sigh!!!!!!

But there is one more lady friend to visit in Florida. I will tell you that tale in a couple of weeks.

Love you all,



4 Responses

  1. The adventure continues! Well done on your achievements on this trip, not least ‘living the dream’ for 96 unbroken hours – I think that’s something that appears on many bucket lists but is ticked off on very few!

    Great casual outfit too – it just goes to show that we don’t need a skirt and heels to look the part!

  2. Amanda,
    Absolutely yes, it is an achievement. But on second thought, I now don’t see it as an adventure. It is just the right and natural thing for me to do.

    I was me, being me, visiting friends and taking a vacation. It is the way life should be.

    I felt good wearing casual or dressy clothes.

    And the washroom experiences were so right. No awkwardness at all. Anywhere else would have been wrong.

    Thanks dear friend.


  3. It was a wonderful dinner and better conversation, I enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next time we can meet!

    1. The same for me Sherry. A fabulous evening of conversation and food.

      Probably again a year from now.

      Love going your way.


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