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Travelogue: New York, Day Three, The Big Apple Hits Back!

Our adventure comes to its conclusion!

Our leader, whom I shall not name so as not to embarrass her, was to have emceed the show that had already started. Plus she had tons of things, including all the gowns, to lug across town. I, along with a few others, pitched in and carried our stuff along with some of hers. What a sh!t show that was.

We get to the next venue, which required us to walk through some questionable neighborhoods. Then the venue was, shall I say kindly, a dump. The dressing area was in a basement with body on top of body. Pipes, concrete floor, crap everywhere. Plus we still had to get our outfits and get ready. And, oh yeah, we had about five minutes before we were on the runway. I was literally in the building, dressed and walked in about 10 minutes and that was it for show number two.

I had to wear what was the equivalent of a large potato sack, some type of jumper that I am pleased to say, I have no photos of. I honestly could not pick it out of a pile of clothes because I never saw myself in it. But, there was a moment, there was a reason I was there.

Remember my recent story about a woman coming up to me in a bar and telling me how beautiful I was (when out with Sherry)? Only one week later, it happened again! Almost exactly the same thing.

This beautiful woman from Dallas, in town to help her friend, who is the spray tanner to the stars (JLo is a client), walks up and tells me I am beautiful. And I know I looked like something the cat dragged in and placed in a potato sack. Long story short, she is a school teacher with a gay daughter who had repeatedly attempted suicide and a son who aspires to be a drag queen. We talked, we hugged, she kissed my cheek, I cried, we bonded, really, really special. If nothing else had happened this weekend, if I never see or hear from her again, THIS was worth the trip. Here was are so you don’t think I make this stuff up.

I am blessed beyond words.

Finally, I had scheduled a photo shoot which was to have happened the afternoon before (while I had nothing else originally planned) in Grand Central Station (iconic INDOOR location). For reasons I will not go into I ended up doing it (money spent, I was not getting it back) at the hotel, mostly outdoors. They originally wanted me to do this on Times Square, at about 11:00PM, walking a mile in this dress, freezing. I was shivering uncontrollably anyway inside the hotel. I was exhausted. I had been on the move since my 4:45AM alarm. Walked a few miles in heels. Unbeknownst to me, my wig had moved ever so slightly so as not to be noticed by the naked eye, but which basically ruined the shoot. Here are the highlights of that shoot, not horrible, but not what I was expecting or paid for. Again, everything is not rainbows and lollipops, there is frustration with some of what is perceived to be these wonderful outings. They are indeed wonderful because of the friends I have made, but not without frustration.

I am a professional (if an unpaid one), so I did my best.

Up at 5:00AM the next day to beat the snow storm that was brewing, after a February week in NY with temps in the ’50’s. I was not successful as it was quite the white knuckler for a good three hours. I had to stop a couple of times to nap to be able to get home in one piece. Since I am posting this, I did make it but this trip, from start to finish, was quite memorable

To quote the philosopher Porky Pig, That’s All Folks!


11 Responses

  1. Kandi, the dress looks fabulous, although I can see why you would be freezing outside at night. Sorry that the evening show and shoot were not as harmonious as the first show, but your comment about being a professional is exactly what other models go through pretty regularly. Learn from the experience and move on to the next one.

    I’ve enjoyed the behind the scenes look at NYFW and seen the wonderful people you’ve met and befriended. That, to me, is what made the whole thing an amazing time. Rest and recover now, and prepare for your next adventure as a working woman.

  2. Kandi still with that beautiful smile even after all that
    You are a treasure my friend

    Too bad you don’t have that lady’s info since I live in the Dallas area it might have been nice to look her up.
    Blessings to you

    1. Happens all the time to me. Wonderful connections that lead eventually to nothing.

      I now know, these are simply moments, nothing more, special all the same.

  3. Kandi,
    What an adventure. Only a true professional would be able to do all that and remain sane. Well done.

    You look great in that photo shoot.


  4. Kandi,
    Reading your amazing and possibly frustrating story we can only have full respect for the models who work fulltime . I’m sure glamour doesn’t top their list , more likely tired , half frozen and starving and still they make the clothes look good .

    Do you consider it an opportunity not to be missed BUT would you do it again ?

    1. Teresa,

      People do not realize that modeling is work and it is a skill. Now I am not saying I am any good at it, but I have been around those that are great at it.

      Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, as long as someone else covered the very significant expenses I ran up on this adventure.


  5. Kandi,

    CONGRATULATIONS on SUCCEEDING IN THE NYC Adventure… Very familiar with Grand Central and Times Square. Grew up there and know how cold it can get particularly at that time of year, Just the OPPOSITE in August ..Sweltering.

    Marie Anne

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